Age limit for children’s admission in schools lowered to four years


Punjab government lowered the age limit for admission of children in schools from five years to four years. According to sources, the step was taken under the ‘Early Child’ project to ensure maximum admissions in provincial schools. According to the plan, a separate room would be specified in 47,000 schools in 36 districts of the province for children, where different attractive objects, including computers, toys, small indoor games, dolls, drawing books, books with the pictures of animals, vegetables and fruit and small swings would be placed. Special classrooms for the children would be decorated with posters of animals, beautiful paintings, dummy dinosaurs and colourful pictures, while the roof and walls of the rooms would be colourfully painted. An NGO donated Rs 100 million for the project. They claimed that through the project, 30 to 50 kids per school would be admitted, adding 2 to 2.3 million children to the total number of admitted children in schools.


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