Politicians forget Malala a day after resolutions


Despite official announcement by the federal and provincial governments to observe Friday as a Youm-e-Dua for the health of Malala Yousufzai, no prayers were held for her health and recovery at the Parliament House’s official mosque, despite presence of dozens of politicians.
According to details, the federal and the provincial governments in three provinces had announced to observe Friday (yesterday) as Youm-e-Dua, to pray for the health of Malala.
But at the National Assembly’s official mosque where a majority of parliamentarians from both Houses of the parliament offer Friday prayers, no prayer was said for an early recovery or health of Malala.
Despite the presence of a large number of parliamentarians from almost all political parties at the Friday prayers, not a single politician reminded the prayer leader to pray for the early recovery of Malala.
On Wednesday, the National Assembly as well as the Senate suspended their routine business to unanimously pass resolutions condemning the bid on the life of Malala and launched debates over the incident, however, it was disheartening to see the speed at which they forgot the girl.