Apologies cannot appease the Baloch: Akhtar Mengal


Balochistan National Party chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal on Saturday said mere apologies and “packages” could not resolve the issues of Balochistan, as the people of Balochistan had been driven to a point of no return by continued atrocities by successive governments, while Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan said Balochistan was a political issue and needed a political, not military solution.
Addressing a joint press conference with PTI chief Imran Khan after a meeting at Islamabad, Mengal said verbal apologies could not resolve the issues being faced by Balochistan unless the forces guilty of crimes against the Baloch admitted their mistakes, adding that the very forces had no remorse for what they had done in Balochistan.
The BNP chief stated had the particular quarter had any regrets for what they did in Balochistan, their attitude in the Supreme Court would have been anything but aggressive. “The attorney general of Pakistan, the chief law officer of the federation, acts as a lieutenant general during hearing of the Balochistan case in the Supreme Court,” Mengal continued.
Charity: To a question on the centre giving several benefits to Baloch people in the Balochistan rights package and the NFC Award,
Mengal said the Baloch people had never been struggling for alms or charity from the federation.
“We have only been struggling for our due rights, not charity. The Baloch youth are not sacrificing their lives for ‘packages’ or from share in the NFC Award. We have been demanding the ownership of our own resources since 1947.”
He said no voice had been raised against the genocide of Baloch people throughout the country, adding that holding elections in Balochistan in the current circumstances was impossible.
Mengal said his purpose for being in Islamabad was not to ask the Centre of resolution of the crisis, but to contact the Supreme Court for the missing persons’ case only, as he had seen a ray of hope from the apex court in the Balochistan missing persons’ case.
To a question, Mengal said he had failed to seek strong practical support from political parties, other than sympathies.
However, Mengal said the political parties from Punjab could rescue Balochs from the jaws of “certain forces”.
The BNP leader said despite providing natural gas to the entire country, Sui and other area of the province were yet to get gas supply.
Malik: Ruling out foreign involvement in the province, Mengal said, “Why is it that only Rehman Malik and a few agencies can see the evil work of foreign hands in Balochistan, why is the media or the international community unable to see the same. If any such thing exists, why is the government silent and not raising an issue with those involved in the province?”
Mengal said he was proud of raising a voice for the Baloch nation and speaking about the tears of Baloch mothers so that the people in Punjab could become aware of the atrocities inflicted upon the people of Balochistan. The BNP chief thanked Imran Khan for supporting his six-point agenda.
Imran Khan: The PTI chief said political issues could not be resolved through use of military might, but by political means only.
“There is no future for Pakistan if the state fails to provide justice to smaller provinces, affected sects and minorities. It is time to create a new Pakistan and to move ahead after learning from past mistakes,” Imran said. He said the worsening law and order in Balochistan was the failure of the government, and armed forces or the agencies would have been solely responsible in absence of a government.
He said the PTI raised a voice against the military rule and operation even when there was no democratic government in the country.
The PTI chief also questioned the role of government in Balochistan if everything was being run by the armed forces.
“Now even courts are saying that people are being detained and abducted from the province, and if any of the agencies is involved in the issue, it is a wrong approach and not the right solution to the issue,” he added.
Imran said his party always opposed military expeditions in Balochistan as well as in FATA. “If the Hamoodur Rehman commission report had been made public and necessary actions initiated against those pointed out in the report, the situation in the country would not have come to this,” the PTI chief said.
Earlier, Mengal met Imran Khan, during which the PTI chief and leader Makhdoom Javed Hashmi pledged to support Mengal’s proposals.


  1. Apologies cannot appease the Baloch. It is not a matter of appeasement of common Baloch but the Baloch "SARDARS". Our establishment made a conscious effort to degrade the Baloch honor by degrading their SARDARS, starting from Dr. Shazia Khalid's incident in Sui Balochistan.

    • Don't think like dictators they have already destroyed Pakistan. We must think like democratic person and respect the ideas of people.

  2. Mr Akhtar Mengal represents the Balochistanies only as much as Mr Karzai represents the Afghans. They are both just drivers of the bus that belongs to somebody else, on a route directed by the owners.

    • Come to khuzadar and mekran division you can see the popularity of BNP Mengal and you own eyes you must see the exisestence of BNP Mengal and the party worker one his party General Secretarty has been targeted and unthinkable comments are so easy to wrote old men retired 12 yrs ago do some research to come and put coments ever and do some rest becuase you having some dimensia or Alzheimer type illness

      • Thankyou for the compliments Imran. The fact remains that yardsticks for measuring popularity are not what you have in your primitive mind. The time has come when Feudals in all shape and sizes have to be eliminated, whether they are sardars in balochistan, the jagirdars in punjab, the waderas in sind or the maliks in khyber. They have done enough damage to this country. the change has to come if we are to survive. Do not find faults elsewhere when the reason why balochistan has not developed is the sardars themselves.

        • Cobra jock,
          What about the fact cat capitalists milking the poor, paying meagre income tax and stashing their millions in property and wealth overseas and the power crazed generals who have brought this country almost to its knees with their jingoism. Why do do you keep them off your 'scores to be settled' list

          • Khan Jr……….. The need of the hour is to Look to the future. Clean up this feudal mess and the rest will be sorted out itself. The days of generals are history in any case.

        • well well well my arguement was'nt sardar the Party and the leadership and comparison b/ two persons in your previous coments and you cant escape away with that and what about the so call courruption in all dept Including Frontier core ransum/every tanker which crossed Iran to Pakistan,again Gaddani check post even the takes small items if they are more then 5 and new,every kinds of electronic items,and in every check post control by Securities agencies ,Budget for army in the name of defence more then the civilian,and every posh areas control by them including Wahcant,Cant qta,Malir cant,DHA,Pechs,and more what about many industries without fitness cirtfiicate Ali textile incidents so simple to Blaime Sardar etc and Sardar only rule in 65 yrs 4 year what about 61 yrs so When thier lack mental deficit you come then blaim blaim and can't get away with it enough is much enough now on we are going to get our right without every streak of against from any One we dont care

          • Imran …. I am unable to understand what you write. Its best that you get on with what you have in mind and be sorted out.

          • all of the other provinces unable to understanding whats is going on in balochistan and unable to know about missing person,unable to know anout the bodies/victoms by FC About unable to understand about the FC/ARMY budget,unbable to know where is sui,chagi,kohlu, but able to know capture the royality of gas able to know how use the minerals of balochistan you will unable to under when balochistan be seperated to Pakistan oneday inshallah

  3. This is true that confessions are not concessions but we need improvement in terms and conditions so that past mistakes must not be repeated with same intensity.Victims need compensation to mend their injuries or loss so real act of change should be seen in attitude along with demonstration..

  4. If apologies cannot appease,then there is very simple and easy way is to finish and abondon the System of Sardarism.There is no choice and after that any common man can participate in the practical politics with full interests.Now Big fishes block the way of common man in Balochistan and even also in Punjab,Sindh and Pakhtoonkhaw provices.90% papulation is severely suffering hardships under these sysytems. 98% of land is british gifted to these big fishes who are utilising the whole benefits for them and nothing to do for a common man..Even in governments all departments these big fishes are active for their interest only and only verbally say something only to common public.

  5. Pak Army paid and armed by tax payers to defend it from external agression only and assist the state for any other legal and constitutional work if called upon to do so. Those paid servants of the state involved in brutalizing citizens of Pakistan should be hanged. enough damage has been done–no more should be tolerated. Every institution of the state, including the army is there to serve the people and not the reverse. This loot, plubder and state within the state activity must cease.

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