Imam fabricated evidence against Rimsha: witness


In a revelation that is likely to end the ordeal of a 14-year-old Christian girl charged under the blasphemy law and facilitate her release from jail on bail, a witness has claimed that the cleric who played a major role in framing charges of burning pages of the Holy Quran on the minor girl had in fact fabricated the evidence by placing Quranic pages in the ash brought to him by the complainant.
Recording his statement before a magistrate in Islamabad on Saturday, Hafiz Zubair said he and two other people were present in the mosque for Aitekaf when Malik Ammad, the complainant in the case, came to the mosque’s imam Khalid Jadoon with a plastic bag that he claimed contained the ashes of a Noorani Qaida allegedly burnt by Rimsha.
Zubair said Jadoon brought some pages of the Holy Quran from inside the mosque and mixed them with the ash. “I asked Jadoon why he was fabricating the evidence. He said that this would ensure a strong case against the girl and would ultimately help them in evicting the Christians from the locality,” said Azhar, adding that the other two people present in the mosque at that time had also asked the imam not to place false evidence against the girl.
Commenting on the development, Rimsha’s lawyer Tahir Naveed Chaudhry told Pakistan Today that Azhar’s statement proved that the case against the minor girl was fabricated. “Jadoon and Ammad concocted the evidence and they should be booked on the same charge that they had leveled against the girl,” he said.
Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi also condemned the imam for implicating a minor girl in a fake case. “The revelation proves our stance that the case against the girl was fabricated. The government should take immediate notice of this revelation and should give exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of the crime to ensure that the law is not misused against any person,” he said.
Earlier in the day, Judge Muhammad Azam Khan adjourned the hearing of the case until Monday and asked police to investigate a bail application made on Rimsha’s behalf after prosecutors claimed paperwork had not been signed by the girl or her mother.
Speaking to reporters outside the court, Rimsha’s lawyer Tahir Naveed Chaudhry accused prosecutors and lawyers of using delaying tactics.
IMAM ARRESTED: In a late night development, Islamabad police arrested Imam Khalid Jadoon for fabricating evidence against Rimsha Masih.


  1. yeh log humien akkhirat mien aamal kay anjam say daratay hien… Kia inhon nay qabar ka munh nae daikhna?? He shd be hanged if what is said about him is true.. And seriously we need to straighten our Mullah system… We need educated literate ppl who understand religion to guide us…

    • Indeed the entire religious system requires a serious overhaul, a level of education and character verification must be required and any less than scholarly ones should not be allowed to take up as Imam this responsibility lies on the shoulders of people and the govt. equally and all those who neglect their responsibility in this regard will be accountable in the hereafter in qayamah when they will be thrown in eternal fire.

  2. If the Imam is found guilty of fabricating the evidence, this Imam should be punished and be charged under the law and given the most severe sentence possible and allowed by Pakistani law. This will set example to all people in pakistan that Imams and other religious figures will not get away with crimes and that they will not continue to divide this country into religious sects.

    pakistan zindabad

      • Yes Khalid whatever the punishment is under the law you do that, you cannot just hang people….I know out of anger many people here are commenting on hanging him…but you can't just do that…

  3. This iman has committed the same crime which the poor little child was charged with. Now that it is evedent that imam wrongly implicated the child, the imam deserve the same punishment under the law and should be hanged. Pakistan must eliminate such B**A**S**T**A**R**D**S. Are the mosques in Pakistan under control of such people. This is the real insult to religion. The people who went along with this S **O**B also punished and evicted from face of this earth.

    • I agree Mr. Hamid Khan people using religion to emotionalize people and putting false accusations should be hanged so that others may be careful next time if they plan to misuse the religion they will have to face severe consicoincess. We Christians are also a part of this Country we belong to the White Part!!
      By placing Quranic Ayats with the ashes he also committed Blasphemy because he was mature and knew what he was doing. He also knew that he is an imam and he should be an example!!!

      • No Sandy,you represent the entire flag my dear just like the muslims,the hindus and everyone inbetween,no matter what your religion,no one has the right to destroy any part of it.All of us practice our faiths in the privacy of our homes or our mosques,churches or mundars.Who gave anyone the right to judge anyone,if you don't agree with someones faith,keep walking.And remember,ignorance has no nationality and no religion.By the way,the imams and maulvis are killing Pakistan LOL.

  4. Flock this so-called Imam publicly and then throw him in the jail. It is SOBs like these who have made a mockery of the religion.

  5. Hang him! He needs to be booked under blasphemy! Itna masoom bann raha tha in the interview with Hamid Mir.! Bloody criminal!! Zaalim insaan!! Such a non human act!

  6. Oh how i pray for and commend all those who have spoken up and supported this inocent child! I send her kisses and love EVERY day and pray she can feel them. My child is 21. Developmentally she is 4 or 5. Her greatest enjoyment is ripping old mail and papers. Sometimes she thinks the paper is gum and will try to chew it. She doesn't understand what we may understand. Rimsha is my girl too. She is the girl of anyone with compassion and empathy. I know only too well the trauma caused from forced immediate change and ajustments. These do do come easily to the mentally disabled. Consistency and trust is what they need to live and blossom. Rimsha may those around you find compassion. May you be able to hug your mom and dad and may they let you feel, the world supports you too! XOXOXO

  7. yeh log humien akkhirat mien aamal kay anjam say daratay hien… Kia inhon nay qabar ka munh nae daikhna?? He shd be hanged if what is said about him is true.. And seriously we need to straighten our Mullah system… We need educated literate ppl who understand religion to guide us…

  8. This what Christian’s have been crying since the day this law was introduce by late genrel Zai. Muslims are framing every day innocence Christians as in this case they want to kick Christians out of the town.

    Christians in Pakistan are not just Pakistani they are sons and doughters of the land. They never claim that they came from some where else. We are the real native of this land. I am very much sorry for mr singha who use his balance of power vote in favor of Punjab to be part of pk. I left pk just due to this treatment of Christians.

    • Christians are as Pakistanis as muslims are. These jahil mullas seem to forget that white strip on the flag represent our minorities. Quaid-e-Azam in his speech said all religions can carry out worship as they wish.

  9. I demand a blasphemy case be filed against this corrupt and disgraceful Imam! Why is he exempt from the crime that he accused Rimsha of?? Not only did he lie to implicate an innocent person, but in fact the burnt pages were actually from him! I demand the state take action against this man!

    • I agree. Cases should also be vigorously pursued against all those making hate speeches or spreading hatred in any way against any community.

  10. Peace to you RJDASS. I would love to take you all home and that is my truth. My town would protect you. peace and perseverance. God surround you.

  11. Please look closely at the photo of the iman…… He does not look right in the head. PLEASE Muslims, see how this kind of behavior shames the Koran and Allah. This is the kind of behavior that earns you disrespect and you are victims too

  12. Pakistan needs to ban Mullah system. Jahil mullahs have twisted Islam pretty badly. Islam is the most peaceful and merciful religion but these people exhibit totally opposite

  13. He should be punished for marginalizing the Islamic faith in the international press. We need educated Imam's to project the CORRECT message of Islam.

  14. If anybody has committed blasphemy, it is this bearded munafiq who ridiculed our religion. Similarly those muslims who knowingly take an oath on Quran and give false statements committ blasphemy. Amongst the politicians our A to Z leads such blasphemers and so do many in the bureaucracy.

  15. I am a Christian Pakistani and i am thankful to all my Muslim brothers and sisters for supporting Rimsha. Pakistan is still alive and It will show the world one day what we all can do. God Bless Pakistan a lot. Amen

    • no need to thank us. you are as pakistani as anyone of us. It is our right and duty to help and support our brethren who are victims of brutality and discrimination. .

  16. realistically he has committed blasphemy can any one has courage to file a case against him ?

  17. yeh log humien akkhirat mien aamal kay anjam say daratay hien… Kia inhon nay qabar ka munh nae daikhna?? He shd be hanged if what is said about him is true.. And seriously we need to straighten our Mullah system… We need educated literate ppl who understand religion to guide us…

  18. If this is true, the man has committed a crime against more than one girl and her community. He has violated the trust of his own community and held the entire community of Muslims up to ridicule and shame. He should be punished.

  19. jahil gawaron ko molvi banaein gay toh yehi hoga
    kon hai parhay likhon main jo apnay betay ko molvi banana pasand karay ga ??? do we ?
    ask urself this question

  20. Hang this Mullah!! he is a real blasphemous!! Misuse of blasphemy law must be stopped at all cost!! Minorities must be protected against the abuse of this law!!

  21. The MULLAH is a by-product of of crusades inacted into Islam to destroy it by slow poisoning. There is no Sura in the Koran which mentions that we should follow the mullah. This THUG should be punished by having his whiskers and head completely shaved, stripped naked, placed on an Ass facing her ar$* with his face blackend and body tared and feathered placed in cage in the main square of the city/ town.

  22. Jadoon did the wrong, but ashes should be investigated … So charge must be executed against the convicted of blasphamy and who do miss use of this law . So in future both type of minds must be stopped.

    • Oh why not stop all minds, no stop all thinking. Ah, that is what you do in Islam. So backward…

  23. Absolutely unforgiveable. An example should be made out of him for others to think a hundred times before contemplating any such thing in future.

  24. molvies aur dahshat gardo ne Pakistan aur Islam ka naad badmaan kiya hai … saray molviyon ko ship m betha k sea m painkh dena chaye .. jis tarah Turkey ne kiya tha … ab Turkey ko daiko kitni taraki ki hai Deen m aur Duniya m bi … Lanat in jaise molviyon per ..

  25. Hope that Rimsha gets out of this horrible situation created by these respected (so called ) religious scholars………..Jesus is with u Rimsha….:)

  26. It's a crying shame that the people who are supposed to teach us Islamic doctrines of faith, cool mindedness, patience and tolerance are themselves in need of education. Inshallah this black sheep will be severely punished.

  27. fed up of the Mullahs!! I challenge these hypocrite Mullahs that if one of them can come on TV and denounce Maulana Fazal ur Rehman, the Molvi diesel!!

  28. This Munafiq has commited BLASPHEMY and must be hanged, but will A Z allow this to be done, for he has prevented even child rapists and killers from being sent to gallows.

  29. Such people portraits a negative image of Islam and Muslims. This kind of people should be punished for their unbecoming acts.

  30. Strip him down and kick his ……………Then put a garland of shoes around his neck, shave off his facial hair, and put him on a donkey. He deserves as much public humiliation as he has inflicted upon others.

  31. Then publicly execute him and the guy who brought that bag to him. Using a firing squad and hang his body in Abbpara chowk for seven days, and also seven lashes every morning on his deadbody.

  32. Proverbs 26:27

    Whosoever digs a pit shall fall in it: and he that rolls a stone, it will return upon him.

  33. So should he be hanged now , or that punishment is only for minorities falsely accused of another religion's prophet ?

  34. Why did Imam, a holy man, thought of such evil thing? What devil did get in to him to burn his own Holy Book. The question is what has he been preaching all along, good or evil?

  35. Paul Tasker ·
    Paul there are more than enough good people in Pakistan and a few witches, all this will be accomplished as soon as those who wish & seek to design the state of Pakistan and its affairs go about their business and stop poking their noses in our affairs

  36. Now this mullah thinks its right for him to disrespect Quran this way? That too in month of Ramadhan? Lanat and get what you sowed for yourself. Same law will not be applied to him!

  37. what was done in the Holy month of Ramadan at Barma? Is their any page in favour of bermian muslims? why we cannot see these kinds of comments against the the matter is under process in the Hon'ble Court. so plz stop abusive comments without justice.

    r u a human? do u hav a heart? i wonder. 30000 ppl killed and u hav no reaction?

    think about this

    • Sweetheart,Yes the matter is still in court and we should not really use abusive language about anybody, but this case goes to the heart of what we in Pakistan are going through,which is the movement towards greater religious intolerance!
      Yes,there are problems in Burma and we do talk about that as well,but again there has been a great hypocrisy specially in case of Syria (shaam), where most of religious parties or leaders have not said anything about the killings of Muslims by the Muslims or urged Pakistani government to play more active role in stopping those killings(Pakistani Media has also a lot to blame for in this matter)!

  38. In a Muslim State, if a Father at a Church abuses Quran or an Imam at a Masjid abuses Quran, the both deserve the same punishment, infact the Imam at Masjid deserves the harder and tougher punishment than the Father at a Church. Islamic Laws should be complied in an Islamic State in a Standard Islamic Manner. If in a Non-Muslim state a person does the same with Bible or any holly menu-script he is supposed to be punished according to Laws of that State, so same should be enforced here and Rimsha Maseeh must be freed from imprisonment after the complete and transparent investigation of the case.

  39. He deserves a lifetime of solitary confinement! He may come out of jail to spread more hatred against Christians or he will spend his sentence corrupting the minds of other inmates and turning them against the Christians. He can do this very well using his credits as a former Imam. A lifetime of solitary confinement is a punishment that not only suits him well, but will also make an example out of him.

  40. Very well calculated from that Imam: lets take a mentally handicapped and poor girl, she is not worth much anyway, if she dies. Neither can she defend herself. Easy way to get rid of the Christians, he thought, and in his confusion, he even believes he is doing his god a favour!

  41. There is a definite need to ascertain whether this Mullah was commiting this act at his own or he had been bribed by vested quarters like TTP to tarnish the already doomed image of our beloved country.These Mullahs are most lucarative sellable commodity and warrant lashing for dishonouring Islam and pakistan.

  42. After the Imam has been exposed what the hall is the chief justice sucking at . Where has the suo moto gone. The whole nation sided with the CJ. when he was kicked out and opened his way back. Look how quiet he sleeps over this Imam issue. isn't this a sophisticated way of corruption. The corrupt judiciary is mainly responsible for rotting this country. Imagine the CJ lying that he doesn't know what business his son is in. This dam'n Imam's case will get old, stale and quiet like so many other key issues, including the killer of Salman Taseer. What Islam are the mullah today preaching and what are the mosques doing and whats happening behind all this. We have entered are doom as simple as that.

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