Kashmiris in UK to mark India’s Independence Day as black day


The Kashmir Centre London has said that the British Kashmiris will observe India’s Independence Day on the 15th August as Black Day. Kashmir Centre London Executive Director Professor Nazir Ahmed Shawl said in a statement that a peaceful demonstration would be held outside the Indian High Commission at Aldwych London on the day.
He said that, on the occasion, a memorandum would also be delivered to the Indian High Commission for the prime minister of India regarding the ongoing human rights violations taking place in the occupied territory.
“The day is observed as a black day because India, despite the promises and commitments from its leaders, is not allowing the people of Jammu and Kashmir to exercise their right to self-determination for choosing a political future of their choice,” he said.
Professor Shawl deplored that India claimed to be the largest democracy of the world but was denying all basic rights and fundamental freedoms in occupied Kashmir.


  1. Kashmir banay ga Pakistan . Inshallah
    The people of Kashmir will get their freedom. the blood of 94000 martyrs won't go in vain

  2. Kashmir is part of india..will remain so for centuries to come….Pakistan should FREE BALUCHISTAN…In the years to come, hope Baluchistan freedom struggle will excel..kashmiris are lucky to be part of india than be part of a stagnant pakistan where day to day killings and Human right violations are taking place…even pakistani citizens are trying to get Indian citizenship,thats the state of pakistan right now…..

    • Kashmir is an internationaly disputed teritory! One day it will be free from India! While you supporting the so called free balochistan whats wrong supporting freedom across the board? double standards? though Balochistan is recognised part of Pakistan and not a disputed teritory, Indian sponsored terrorism will be beaten there.

      Democratic India should give Kashmir right to vote for freedom and then whatever they choose its their human right!
      opperession has never worked, if you look back in world history! India itself is an example!

  3. A 2010 BBC survey indicated that 42% residents of India's Jammu & Kashmir demand complete independence, while 45% residents of Pakistani Kashmir demand the same!!! The figures in Indian J&K "FAVORING INTEGRATION with India" stand at:
    1. over 75% in Jammu [slightly more than 25% of the state's area, 65% Hindu]
    2. over 70% in Ladakh [over 50% of the state's area, 47-47% Muslims & Buddhists]
    3. less than 25% in Kashmir Valley [less than 25% of the state's area, 97% Muslims]
    The 42% figure was for 2010, when the Valley was actually on the boil- the worst in 10 years. In 2012, it is certain to have dropped to around 35% favoring independence.

    This won't be good news to many Pakistanis, who like to shed crocodile tears for Indian Kashmiris, will keep screwing their own Kashmiris and keep it hidden from the world!!! Quite intelligent of you people, out there!!!

    Time to quit all this emotional Muslim-bhaichara bullshit. Stop this hypocrisy and liberate your Kashmir first. Be the trend-setters instead of cry-babies. Indian Kashmir is India's, even as per the state's people themselves. Now, you can whine any propaganda bullshit or yell out in rage, but the fact is: Kashmir is NOT becoming yours, you'd better wait till eternity! 🙂

    Khuda Haafiz brothers and sisters from Pakistan! 🙂

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