The joys of Monsoon


Lahoris enjoyed a pleasant respite from the grueling summer heat on Friday when rain coupled with strong winds brought down the temperature from 44 degrees to 28 degrees. Cooler temperatures saw families flocking to parks, or out and about in shopping centers. Although there were less power outages yesterday, some parts of the city were without electricity after 30 feeders of the Lahore Electricity Supply Company tripped.
“This change in the weather was very surprising,” said Maryam, a commuter near Gaddafi Stadium. “We’ve had a terrible heatwave this summer. I am out with my friends after a long time because of this lovely weather.” Young boys were spotted in streets, playing cricket and enjoying the cooler temperatures.
“The heatwave had made it so hard for children to go to school. Once summer vacations started, children were unwilling to venture outside because of the high temperatures,” said Huma, mother of three children. “Today is the first day my children actually enjoyed their summer break outdoors,” she added. “I hope this weather stays the same,” said Zahra, a housewife. “Ramadan is just around the corner and it will be very difficult to fast when temperatures are nearing 50 degrees.” The change in the weather also led to an increase in fruit sales at local fruit stands.
“I have sold dozens of mangoes today,” said Imitiaz, a fruit vendor near Gulberg. “Not only did this change in the weather was relaxing, it also led to a surge in sales as people have come out to enjoy the weather with summer produce,” he added. With rain came some serious concerns. “I hope the government is taking steps to ensure water doesn’t collect in different places, and that we have proper drainage systems,” said Muhammad Umar, while enjoying a mango at a roadside in Shadman. “We don’t want a repeat of last year’s dengue epidemic and that would be very likely if water from rain doesn’t drain out properly.”
Several people were also concerned about flooding on city. “Thank goodness there haven’t been any heavy showers so far. It is a mess when water inundates city roads, making it almost impossible to get to work,” said Hamza.
Meteorogical department has forecast a mix of cloudy and clear skies with thunderstorm and chances of 12mm-21mm rain during next 24 hours and Lahoris remain hopeful that the good weather will continue this summer.