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A practical demonstration of using water as a fuel to run the vehicles was held at Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), here Tuesdday. The demonstration was given by Agha Waqar Ahmed Khan, a Khairpur-based Mechanical Engineer, who was invited by the PSF under its “Invention and Innovation Support” Program to encourage such activities for promotion of science and technology in the country.
PSF Chairman Prof Dr Manzoor H Soomro, senior officers of PSF and some other scientific organizations were present at the demonstration. Agha Waqar said he has developed a kit, which can be fitted with engine to run it on water as fuel and the engine needs no alteration at all.
He claimed that his device fitted vehicle will give a mileage of 40 kilometers per liter water and a bike will give mileage of 150 kilometers per liter water. The mechanical engineer said he wanted guidance for governmental approval to manufacture the kit on commercial basis and market it to overcome the growing energy crisis in the country.
The PSF Chairman requested MoST in this regard and a meeting was held at the Ministry. MoST Secretary Mr. Akhlaq Ahmed Tarar chaired the meeting attended by the PSF Chairman, officials of Commercialization Cell of MoST, representative of Engineering Development Board, Ministry of Industries, experts from Hydrocarbon Development Institute and Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering etc.
Agha Waqar told the meeting that he is working on the project for the last two years and running vehicle on water by using the kit developed by him. He claimed that his kit bears no negative impact on the vehicle and it is safe having no risk of backfire or backlash.
The meeting participants made different queries about safety standards of the vehicle and efficiency of the kit. Tarar encouraged the invention and guided Mr. Waqar to file an application with Engineering Development Board (EDB) of Ministry of Industries for approval to commercialize the device.
The federal secretary also directed Pakistan Science Foundation to facilitate Waqar in filing the application with EDB. The EDB representative told the meeting that on receiving the application the matter could be placed before Board for technical evaluation of the device.


  1. His invention needs to be approved by the respective agency with full copy rights. Meida is required to play vital role here as trust level with our respective agencies and poltical figures is zero and they can be bribed any time by the strong petroleum mafia to stop this invention and benefit to the Pakistani people.

  2. Great wok done by Agha waqar (B.Tech degree holder).Please convey him this message if can do this, that he should apply for patent in PTO office America so that the copy reights could be given him. Congrats to Agha waqar on his invention now its govt responsibility to get this commercial support. Then it will come as innovation.The defination of innovation is “invention+Commercialization”

  3. A Bold truth is, that many Theoretical Scientists and Ph.D’s are Jahil Ignorant who attach this invention with the "Law of Conservation of Energy" These Ph.D's are like that donkey of Noble Quran that is loaded with Books[Quran 62:5}. Agha’s Water-Kit is the greatest invention of mankind history & that invention has no any relation with the law of conservation of energy & Law of thermodynamics. Soon a time will come when these a few Jahil theoretical Ph.Ds who are insulting Agha Waqar in "TV SHOWS", will be hiding their faces from public. A Ph.D has good knowledge but he cannot claim that he knows all and his knowledge is complete. COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE IS ONLY with Allah Jalla Aala Aleem-ul-Khabir. If Einstein and Newton were alive today, they would had travelled to house of Agha Waqar to salute him.

    Law of Conservation says that energy neither be produced not destroyed but energy can be transformed from one form to other. In Agha’s Kit invention, neither Energy is being CREATED nor DESTROYED; therefore it in no way violates the Law of conservation of Energy or thermodynamics. It is just transforming chemical energy of water into heat energy and then after burning in engine to Mechanical energy. So simply, nothing is changed except that black Petrol has been replaced by White-Petrol[Water}. Black Petrol carries Hydrogen also and White-Petrol Water carries Hydrogen gas also. So any Ph.D or a so called scientists who says, that this inventions violates Law of conservation of Energy for sure he is telling lies to people. The main objection by some these Theoretical useless Ph.Ds is that car battery is unable to sustain the electrical supply to electrolysis unit of that invented KIT because as per these theorists, Energy produced by electrolysis will be less than the energy being consumed by battery and car will not run. But we all have seen that Car is running. That is itself Proof that what Theorists has assumed is incorrect otherwise car MUST NOT RUN but it runs in practice. This is the most important part of this invention. Now this objection of theoretical Ph.Ds seems correct if old conventional technique of electrolysis is used that need too much electric power to proceed. But Agha’s team has invented a new technique of Electrolysis which is core part of this invention. In Agha’s technique, he has used distilled water to make it dialectic between about 20 metallic plates & he put that unit in series RLC circuit that he managed/calculated to operate at resonance level that periodically produce millions of volts, changes plates with distilled water’s dielectric into a very powerful capacitance. In that scenario, Water becomes unable to hold bond between H and OH ions and huge quantity of H & OH gases start to produce. Following video can show u how it works. Because reaction is in resonance so it is now almost self-sustaining. To convert it from “almost self-sustaining” to “100% sustaining” a very little current from car battery is supplied to that gas-producing unit; that current in milliamps is so small that even less than the current that Car Radio uses. Also note that Car battery is always charged by inbuilt electric DC Generator of car in every car when car is running. Therefore in practice this invention will have no any effect on the capacity and life of car battery. It is like mechanical benefit. For example, can one person lift his car with his one hand above ground? Answer is NO. But one person when places Jack between his hand and car, he can now lift car easily. Resonance in RLC circuit is in lieu of that mechanical Jack that lifts car easily.
    Thu this invention does not violates any law of physics but we should also tell truth that Science is not dogma or scripture like Noble Quran that will not change. Science has been falsified many times by its its own new laws over time. Popular Dalton theory about Atom 70 years ago has been fully rejected and falsified by modern Atomic Physics of Today. Also we should know another truth that thu it is good to achieve an Ph.D but a Ph.D is never a license for new inventions. In fact if we study past history, majority of great inventors like Edison were just simple hardworking technicians. This is matter of fact that In Pakistan B.Sc Engineers and Ph.D’s think that how a graduate of Technology can invent? This kind of their thought is based on total nonsense and jealousy. I suggest reader to read following file in which Each step of Agha’s invention is given in detail. This file is an excellent source of info for who has good understanding in engineering physics. To Sum up: That Water-kit of Agha team is indeed the greatest invention of mankind history. It will change whole globe and soon no one will be buying petrol. [Author of this article is in the field of practical Engineering physics from past 45 years].

  4. I need to patent this whole shebang as an eternally entertaining and amusing piece of BS.

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