Pashto singer Ghazala Javed, father gunned down


Unidentified gunmen shot dead popular Pashto singer Ghazala Javed and her father late Monday night in the Dabgari Garden area, police said. Officials said the murder took place at her residence in Noor Mohalla, close to Dabgari police station. Police said unidentified men came to the singer’s house on motorcycles and knocked at her house entrance. When she came to the door, the gunmen opened fire at her, killing Gazala and her father who was standing behind her. The assassins escaped after leaving them both in a pool of blood. Officials said police reached the scene and took the victims to Lady Reading Hospital, where doctors declared them dead.
According to initial medical reports, Ghazala received a total of six bullets in her chest, hand and back. The dead bodies were later shifted to Khyber Medical College for post-mortem. Upon getting the news of the murder, the victims’ family members and her fellow artists reached the hospital. Ghazala’s sister Farhat Javed has registered a first information report (FIR) against the victim’s former husband Jahangir, and two other men, Salam and Nasir.


  1. Balochistan is becoming Afghanistan by the day & this PPP corrupt mafia keeps on turning a blind eye.

    Death to each PPP member.

  2. no one has to right to kill one individual his identity as Allah has given this right to him and her … Those who has done it are rascals in the real sense….

  3. Her dead would a unforgettable to both Pakistan & Afghanistan people, most of the people feel sorry for her dead, how a person could do such thing to kill innocent lady who loved by most of countries. Peace be upon her.

  4. Geo India, Indra Ghandi resident of Islamabad Pakistan:

    these all Pakistani's are son of British, with the respect of prove Mr.Qaid Azam Ali Jennah Gordan.

  5. It's really felt sorry about this news, Ghazala was a nice, young singer of Pashto language. both Afghanistan and Pakistan becemes a field of bloods, it's the most concernable issue to world and innocent people these countries, espacially Afghanistan. Once again we feel sorry about this bad new. and we pray to Ullah (G) for forgiveness.

  6. Its Sad to hear about her, she was young and she was getting all the fame. You can do anything about it and neither you can stop such target killings. I hope those who have done this terrible act are brought to justice.

  7. she was a muslim and a mother and a wife and a beautiful and a good senger and she was form over contry and we are so seed a bout har me allah for give her and me allah give to har killer a panishmint so seed .

  8. I would say I am saddened by this brutal and ignorant display of violence. However, I am not.

    Rather, I am infuriated. She sung about peace and they killed her for it? This event upsets me greatly, and coincidentally I knew about her beforehand.

    What solution is there other than seeking justice?

    Put anyone involved to the sword, peace through strength?

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