Two Ahmadi women being harassed for ‘violating constitution’


Two female faculty member of Post-Graduate College of Nursing, Birdwood Road, are getting life threats for being “members of the Ahmadiya community”, with religious elements inside the college alleging that the two were preaching their faith inside the college, Pakistan Today learnt on Monday.
Sources said some elements inside the college were also coming with weapons to “teach a lesson” to these female teachers, while the teachers in question are seeking the government’s help.
Sources said that it was being alleged that faculty members Rubina Jabeen and Syeda Tasneem Kauser were distributing Qadiyani literature among the students and were encouraging them to convert.
According to the hardliners, “These two females are not worthy of mercy and should be punished legally or physically.” Academic activities in the college have come to a halt as a movement has started against the two female teachers.
The movement has even crossed the boundary of the college and religious clerics were also found protesting against the two women on the city’s roads. Rubina Jabeen is a Grade-17 teacher, while Syeda Tasneem is in Grade-18.
According to Molvi Masood, who was condemning the two teachers, it was against the constitution to preach Ahmadiyat. He said they “will teach them a lesson and raise the issue at all platforms”. Other religious clerics said the students of the college had complained about these teachers, adding that “we will do everything against these teachers”.
Pakistan Today obtained a copy of an application written by one of the accused teachers, Rubina Jabeen, to the health secretary, claiming that she was a Muslim.
She said a male student had threatened her because she favored her friend, who was an Ahmadi. “Why am I being harassed if my friend is an Ahmadi,” Rubina asked in her application.
Saleem-ud-din, a spokesperson of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadia, said he wasn’t aware of the situation at the nursing college but would pursue the matter.
“We are being persecuted at all levels, and are even denied the rights provided to us by the country’s constitution,” he said.


  1. Religon is supposed to be a private matter, it shoudnt have been preached in an educational enviroment in the first place, however, we cannot deny the unfortunate fact that the ahmadia community have always been deprived of basic rights in Pakistan, an example is of the decleration signed when obtaining a pakistani passport. Sad how we have the mentality not to accept differnces.

    • What I guess is that they might not be preaching at all. Rather, they wud have been engaged into discussion, like some of their colleagues may have been attacking their beliefs and these two wud have been defending their beliefs with their colleagues and that is being described as preaching

  2. Its not just the Ahmadi's who face persecution at all levels. Shia Muslims, Hindus, Christians they all are treated as inanimate objects. They do not have any rights in the society, well may be I am exaggerating my case a little, but they face unprecedented hatred and treated as menial beings

  3. Its so unfortunate that we Muslims have completely ignored and set aside the preachings and teachings of Prophet Mohammad SAWW. Huzoor preached us harmony and preached us to respect other religions if we wanted others to respect our FAITH. But loom at us now, we worst than the barbarians

  4. Moderator, what is your policy on the use of abusive language ? If the likes of Mr Wahab, who obviously doesn't have any respect for God's creation, cannot be barred from your page, can he be atleast politely asked to mind his language ?

  5. Apart from Ahmediya community the Wahabi element backed by Saudi Arbia is harshing all the communities…..Government has truned blind eye on these issues

  6. Solution lies in re examination of such laws. Current misuse of these laws is bringing globaly a bad name to the country. Sanity and rationality must prevail and civil society should do some thing to reconsider such laws causing every day problems for miniorities of the country.

  7. All my life at school to universities level, I have been taught by many Ahmadi teachers, that didnt make me convert to Ahmadi! One did try to explain what they beleive in but that was private tutor. Pakistan mullahs has tendancy to blow things out of proportions. A Teacher at school or college should be there to teach their subject and morality to students.

  8. Why has this cropped up suddenly when the teachers have been there for some time? It is because of provocation by Mirzai or Qadiani elements.Remmember not to desecrate the name AHMED.This is deliberate change adopted by the Mirzais or Qadianis as a mask.Just tell me why Qadianis are popular with Israel and not Muslims? Mirzais have been welcomed in Israel by its government and groups while Muslims are not welcome.Mirzais have setup a vast network in Israel and use this for all anti Muslim and anti Pakistan activities worldwide.They try to project themselves as the victims whereas it is not true in most cases as this one.

    • Do you really know what you're talking about? Where have you got your information from?

      How about educating yourself about Ahmadiyyat before you make such allegations?

      And how many Ahmadis have responded in the same violent and offensive manner that do the Mullahs and their followers in Pakistan?

      So, now these thugs have turned to harassing defenseless women. Is that called Islam? Study the history of Islam and the Holy Prophet (pbuh), and his companions and learn how they behaved – especially with their opponents. Not one of these was hounded like they do the Ahmadis in Pakistan and other so-called Muslim countries.

      By behaving this way, you're not further the cause of Islam – you are giving it a bad name! Shame on you!

      • Your comment belies your own intolerance.
        And kindly do enlighten us about your religion own which is obvious though.Your knowledge about what you are talking about is reflected in your comment.Why are you pushing the Israel factor under the carpet.Google it, if you are not computer literate or ask some one to do for you.Little knowledge is a very very dangerpus thing.Remmember.

    • Not sure about Qadianis or Mirzais in Israel but Egyptian, Syrian & Turk Muslims are more popular & welcomed than Pakistani Muslims.

    • Whoever you are………..May Allah's curse on you if you are telling a lie about Ahmadiyyat……….im sure you are…

  9. this is the wrong news they blaming the teachers but this is not true story they just denied the main topic the point is teacher stop the matter which they clerical staff doing the bad think it is only the students issue this is the fake story only the defaming the senior teachers even the students is happy with them

  10. It is so unfortunate that we, students of these teachers doesn't even know that they are Ahmadi; We have just come to know today in the news paper. If they are truly wanted us to be converted why we didn't know that they are an Ahmadi? This is all about professional jealousy. Our teachers are teaching us professional nursing which is a noble profession, they are teaching us about Nursing Ethics not religion.

    • Well said and should be taken as a slab on the face of those who raised baseless allegations. Well done BIBI

    • Thanks BIBI for coming up online and telling the first hand knowledge. This is very unfortunate with people of sub-continent that they just believe what was told without checking the authenticity of the information. The whole history of sub-continent is full of such fights between religions and sects just because one lit a flame of lie to other and the mob just followed to fight them. Wake up people and know what you're doing.

  11. R they a true follower of islam….
    Ahmadies spread through peace, love and rational thinking and correct intepretation of quran.
    Therefore famous worldover just as muhammed (saw) even among his worst enemies.

  12. We nurses are for all, no discrimination, and our teachers never been talking or discussing about religion. They are teaching us proper etiquette, proper way of behaving to the patient and their attendants and they are teaching us how to treat our patient like our own relative, give comfort to the patient without any discrimination. In Nursing profession we are taught to be compassionate the way we care not to be passionate using any kind of religion. Medical Profession is neutral. Our teachers Madam Rubina & Madam Sidra are the cream of the crop of PGCN. They are approachable and very helpful teachers, they behave like a mother to us. we learn a lot from them that some students did not learned from their teachers.

    • These disclaimers of ISLAM (Mullah), having nothing to do with education, even their litteracy rate is seriously very low profiled.
      Islam's basic teaching is PEACE, and Mullah is just spoiling it for their own interest.

      I'd really like to second BIBI for "no discrimination in professionalist".

  13. Islam is the most insecure, cowardly religion there is. If you have such a strong religion and belief that it is correct then let other question it. If its right it will win, if its wrong it will fail. and that is the crux of the matter, these people know that islam is easily destroyed by logic, rationality and tolerance. If questioned it would be shown for what it is and fall apart. All I see of Islam is people sentenced to death for small mistakes, abuse of women and minorities and complete intolerance and a refusal to accept change and progress.

    • dont blame Islam for this. Its a direct result from ages and ages of ignorance, lack of real education in Muslim societies around the world. Islam is not insecure, its followers failing their faith by injecting values that are not Islamic at all! the issue you have mentioned are related to cultures rather than religion or Islam. Islam can not be destroyed by anything, its expansion shows that. Its peaceful and tolerant religion.

      Problem lies where pseudo scholors able to use faith as tool to insight hatred for own objectives.

  14. Why these mullahs so scared of ahmadies………….
    We muslim r told by Allah that islam is made supiriour to all religion, then why mullahs fear to have direct debate with all.
    Because they know deep their heart they never followed true islam, and ahmadies muslim are sreading like wild fire for they preace islam(peace)

  15. well well well …. PAKISTAN ?? IS made for Mulvis or for people who living here ?? i don know why people dont understand that why pakistan is going down day by day .. is just cuz of this kind of mulvis … what this two Ahmadi womns doing ? is they teaching something bad to students to kiling people or what ??? i think people should kick out this kind of worst creatures mulvis from country cuz they are the true enemies of pakistan ….

  16. Its not fare why they did this to our teacher. Allah is for everyone! Our teachers are good teacher. It is only because of 1 student which our teacher complaint about her habit of always absent from the class and getting low marks in her academic…..why religion is being brought up? its about academic rules and policy that the institute has to answer. Is it wrong for a teacher to complain to the discipline committee about the academic performance of student? Where is the issue about religion? academic issue is totally out of range of religion issue. Only because of student academic discrepancy they will waste life of a good teacher?

  17. Because of jealousy people are fighting like fighting cocks without analyzing the by product of it. Why not all of us, Pakistani will unite to improve education, to improve life of Pakistani citizen? Poor teachers are condemned of the mistakes which the clerical staff did, not by our teachers. Do not divert the attention of the issue regarding academic policy. Issue is academic rules & regulations not religion. The truth will always prevail. May Allah bless those people who have hatred in their heart.

  18. it is molvis who ruin pakistan what are you, you molvis are just ruining your country because ahmadiys say love for all hatred for none so how can you guys say that they are doing anything wrong.
    ahmadiya community is awsome.

  19. Pakistan why do you copy molvis dont you have a mind of your own mind. would you jump of a mountain if molvis told you to, well i can give you your answer NO so how can you trust them about the article. you molvis can not call your self a musalman if you are going to talk about other muslim like that.
    love for all hatrad for none.

  20. Pakistan grow up….We need to work together to help our country not to fight with each other because of religion.

  21. Religious racism is on peak in Pakistan. Driven by the religious fanatics and extremist clerics, the majority of pakistan's population thinks that its a "BLESSING TO KILL AN AHMADI " . It is shocking to hear incidents of how living humans are killed in cold blood. And the murderers know that they can escape prosecution. I dont know where this country is leading to.

  22. mistake lies on both sides. If I am a muslim and i start preaching in Vatican do you think i will be left alone. so it is a natural behavior from people. but people are way to involved in these issues it should have been dealt by the hospital itself. but people have become aggressive in these times just because of insecurity in Pakistan. and you have to blame the government not the people.

    • What is that about Vatican. Admit that Muslims, worldwide, enjoy much better freedom and protection in other communities than they themselves offer it to others …

      Vatican organizes all faith (Islam included) conferences so regularly. When did Mecca did one?

  23. Every prophet has been disowned by his own people, be it jesus(as), be it moses(as), be it jonah(as), or even muhaammed(saw). Their follower have been procecuted and harrashed. This no news that even messaih(2nd coming of jesus as) mirza julam ahmed qadiani(as) and his followers are procecuted.
    All prophets and his follower turn to god for mercy and peace, so do we ahmadis……….

  24. You never know what actually happened at Post-Graduate College of Nursing, Birdwood Road. As the law says something like, if anyone thinks of preaching he is a culprit and in case of Ahmadiyas there is special disliking from these stupid hatred-filled molvis. Worth saying that these are the worse creature in our country who distribute hatred everywhere.

  25. it is very sad that in pakistan there is religious persecution, other countries in the world are moving fast because they are educated n pakistan in moving backword because of the molvies who are ruling the country and corrupting the minds of innocents, please people of pakistan wakeup before its too late, do something for ur country everyone have the right to practice what ever religion they are.

  26. May Allah Save Pakistan.Still not understant What is the mening of Islam? They want always terrorism. All religious teaching are always protec all mankind and all nations in the wold.Religious Teaching is not Dangerous for mankind.But Extremism(socall Mullahism) is very Dangerous for mankind.Extremism is destroy all of HumanSociety.Just like Pakistan.

    • My brother Islam doesn't mean to be terrerism but it is so told by maulvis. See the noble deeds of Ahmadies by finding details about there organization known as HUMANITY FIRST, which has played a vital role by providing the basic necessities to the people of third world and victims offlood in Pakistan and japan and in many more other places.

  27. Are you telling us that non ahmadis have never preached in their life? Is it wrong to preach? We Muslims all follow Prophet Muhammad (saw)'s teachings right? If we can't treat everyone the same how are we supposed to bring Pakistan up in standards? Every maulvi around in Pakistan have different interpretations of teachings and in my view they are the ones who are creating all this chaos. Do we not already have so many problems to solve for the country itself? Everyone should be treated the same. In the UK people knock on doors to preach, should they be legally punished or physically? Do they get punished? No. Then why is that being done in Pakistan if you want to compete with EU countries bring up your standards and don't pick up little things which are then made issues. May Allah guide you all.

    • Mary uk:

      Bad news for you! Pakistan opted for Zia Ul Haq's guide over Allah's with Ordinance XX of April 26, 1984. This is on top of Article 298-C adopted in 1974 National assembly under Z. A. Bhutto to stop missionary activities of the Ahmadis.

      So, what you are seeing is institutionalized in Pakistan. And that's why Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer's (who opposed Pakistan's Blasphemy law) murderer gets rose petal fro the crowd.

  28. Zahra:

    The statement " Religion is a private matter" is supposed to be used in a context where a person/people are Judged based on their religion and not in the matters of " preaching" .

    When the Pakistani constitution says that any person who associates himself as an ahmadi is not a muslim. When they declare ahmadis as non muslims on the ID cards and passport forms. When the law forbids an ahmadi to even pose as a Muslim ( to pray, do azan, read Quran or even use the name of God ) : ALL OF THIS SHOULD BE A PERSON'S PRIVATE MATTER as it has to do with his faith: AND NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MATTERS OF THE STATE ( also believed by Quaid e azam ).

    No country of world other than Pakistan and Israel, forces a faith upon its citizens.

    Now I dont know if those two women were actually preaching or not. But lets assume they were.

    No civilized country of the world forbids preaching. Islam does not forbig preaching. In fact it has always been the forces against religion who have forbid preaching. The Kufar used to think the Prophet of Islam(pbuh) as a threat and used to forbid him to preach. Same goes for Jesus(a.s), Moses(a.s) , David(a.s) and all others.

    As for the educational institutions:

    Why does the Pakistani school/college school system force Islamiyaat on students of all Faith ? Whether its christian students,atheist students,hindu students ???

    I know in Grade 10 they have separate sections when it comes to the Khulafa-e-rashedeen for the shite students as optional. But there are over 70 sects in Islam. Why force the beliefs of the majority on others ???

    In Majority of the western countries, they have a subject called religion: Where they teach Islam, christanity, Bhuddism and other religions. But in Pakistan only Islam, and that too only one version of the Islam ( as believed by the majority of Pakistanis). You go to Iran and obviously you will see things very differently.

  29. Ahmadiyya Jamaat Kay Khilaf Mukahlaifeen Ki Taraf Say Ayhay Din Kohi Na Khoi Sazesh Aur Ahtajaj Oh Juloosh Aur Baykat Marpeet Gali Gulluj Ka SilSilah Chalrah Hein.Yeh Kohi Nayah Kaam Yeh Nahee Baat Na Hee Hein.Hamaray Payray Nabi Hazrat Mohammad SAWW Aur Aap Kay Sahaba RAA Ka Sath Bhi Mukahlaifeen ISLAM Ki Taraf Say Iss Say Zayadah Takalif Dhe Gahi.Hum Ko Gohoor Karna Cahyah…..

    Muslim Kohan Hein Aur None Muslim Kohan Hein.Aur Kohan Islam Kay Rastahy Par Chalrah Hein.Yeh Rohani Anakh Hee Pahchaan Sakti Hein.Dova Hein ALLAH TALHA Jamaat Ahmadiyya Ko Pahchaan Nay Ki Tawfeeq Dayh.Ameeen…

    • Mere bhai aap ne sach aur acha likha lekin aap khud gaur karen k Ahmadies ko gali galloch ki jaati hai jese aap nay khud likha hai aur Ahmadiyya jama'at ne kabhi ahtajaj nahin kiya balkay mamla Allah Ta'alah par chor diya hamesha…. Gaur karne ki baat tou yeh hai kay Gallian dene waley sache raastay par hain ya sabar karne waalay? Wohi gallian jin se Hazrat Muhammad SAWW ne mana kiya aur wohi sabar jis par amal karne ka hukam diya! ZARA SOCHIYE

  30. Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a liberal Muslim Leader. He was Totally against the theocracy ( Mullah-Ism ). Today Pakistan has left the track and vision of The Founder of Pakistan and the Theocratic mentality is dominating in Pakistan. Whenever and wherever the Religion is politicized and Religion is used to take political millage it happen then that country fell into the Hell Fundamentalism and terrorism.

  31. my both teachers are good teachers thease molvis threat them bcoz of onefemale student


  33. they blaming both our hard working teachers bcoz some faculty members and clerk jelous thats why they creat a fake story ectually they want to protect one student who alwayas absent from class and take help from mail students and clerck with wrong ways and threat to her teacher they will kill her and creat fake story just denied the point and they threat all the time they will destroied our good teachers life we love our respected teachers and prays for them they never preached us for ahmadiyya even they talk about religious in class

  34. teachers are like mothers and one student did not accept her mistake and for protect her lies and isertiv habits she threat to our teachers and disturbed our teachers life we are praying to allah thease two teachers will be free from false accusations and save their lives

  35. Two facts emrge from this controvercy: No.1 this was a provocation by the teachers.26 May 1908 is the date when Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani died,where and how they all know hence this incident. No 2. Muslims of Pakistan have shown they are tolerant unlike the Qadianis.The comments here speak for them all.

  36. Pakistan was reduced to WEST PAKISTAN due to Mullah& Military.Now MM is after the reduced one to reduce it more. Mullah is taking revenge from Pakistan for his defeat in the case of partition of sub-continent. Mullah spoiled the case of Kashmeer and our intelligent generals are trying to remain in power with the help of these Mullahs.
    Mullah's job is Fasad fi sabeelallah. May Allah save the remaining pakistan from Mullahs and may Allah grant wisdom to our Generals to choose right partners.

  37. Allah is for everyone not only for one….Allah – o – akhbar. Allah save our teachers…they are innocent of the accusations. Allah will show the way and will clear our teachers…Today we receive threat from the complainant that whosoever will testify and give positive testimony to these teachers will be punished…..See the students who complaint treath us….why is she afraid that Pakistan will know she tell a lie about our teacher….Allah-o-Akhbar


  39. is student ko tou muslim kehtey b sharam ati ha jo farishta sifat teacher par joot ilzam laga rai ha apni galtiyan chupaney k lie mazahab ko nishana bana rai ha is dunia mai tou is par lanaat ha apni akhrat b khrab karey gi paak kalaam par hath rakh kar kasam khaey gi jb cort mai ja k allah is par or is ka sath dene walo par apna azab nazal karey

  40. i know these both teachers they are very kind and loving for every one and this is totally blame on them and i pray that these both ladies be safe .

  41. our teachers are like our mother they both are very caring and hard worker they never preached us for ahmadiyya .and we all are praying that god protect them and remove their tension as soon as possible.because these all allegation are wrong.

  42. inshaallah allah wil save mam sidra and mam rubina because they are innocnt these all alegation are wrong which clerck and student blame them they making a hell for themselves allah will never forgive them those give pain innocent people allah hu akbar me all prays for my teachers we need these teachers for sucessful future we se firrst time to much hard working teachers allah give them long life and good healh and forbid from bad people like pgcn clerck and one idiot student who are problem creater for inoocen ladies

  43. Our both teachers are very caring and hard worker they never discourse with us for ahmadian and we all are praying that god protect them and remove their tension as soon as possible. Because these all allegation are wrong. Insha’Allah Allah will save them, because they are innocent these all allegation are wrong which clerks and student blame them they making a nightmare for themselves Allah will never forgive them those give pain innocent people" Allah ho Akbar"
    we all prays for my teachers we need these teachers for successful future we see first time to much hard working teachers Allah give them long life and good health and forbid from bad people like pgcn clerks and one idiot student who are problem creator for innocent persons.

  44. This is the only paper which is keeping this nonissue alive and this is the only paper that reported it.Why?Well the connection is obvious now.This paper is a Qadiani newspaper.

    Such papers like this one try and become the mouthpiece of all such outfits that doleout money the way Malik Riaz does.

    • which newspaper has tel u Qadiani s have not right to live in pakistan who says that they r not humen in my lovely pakistan every person have right to spend their lives freedomly muslim hindu christen nd Qadiani wt ever my teachers r innocent nd inshallah allah will save them

  45. ahmadis are the real folowers of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) n Hazrat Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani(a.s)
    Hai tere pas kya galiyun k siwa
    sath mere hai taeed e rabulwara

    • Ahmadi is the most progressive and advanced concept in all the existing Islamic sects, originated in the fertile land of Punjab. It is the greatest gift given by India to Islam in spite of all its brutalities. Ahmadis gave the same to Islam what Guru Nanak gave to Hindus/Budhsists of Punjab. Sikhism taught hindus how to fight brutal force unitedly, while qadianis taught Islam how to live peacefully with the people of other faiths. I still find it strange why qadianis supported partition in 1947. Alas, Islam couldn't recognize this till date, even Punjabis in Pak are not ready to identify their own original gift to Islam and blindly follow Arabians/Persians. In fact Ahmadis/Punjabis are the Guru of whole Islamic World. Sooner or later, muslims will recognize it.

  46. Qadianis are qadianis not ahmedis. Ghulam qadiani announce him as a prophet of Allah and his followers are accept his thoughts. This is not the issue of mullas but all of the muslims.

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