Drone revisits NWA, 10 killed


At least 10 people were killed and two others were injured on the second consecutive day of US drone attack. An unmanned aircraft fired two missiles at a compound believed to have been used by militants in the Hassokhel village near Mirali town of North Waziristan in the early hours of Thursday.
Officials in Miranshah said the Taliban militants were offering Fajar prayers when the missiles hit the compound. As a result of missile strikes, several portions of the house were destroyed, and 10 of its occupants were killed and two injured. Militants from the surrounding areas rushed to the site, and shifted the dead bodies and injured people to an undisclosed location.
The identity of the killed and injured people could not be determined, but the tribesmen at Mirali say that most of them were Central Asians, mostly affiliated to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. The tribesmen said the drone strikes in Miranshah and Datakhel areas had pushed a large number of foreign militants to Mirali.


  1. its a matter of time before the drones will target kahuta..this is just a drill…general sahib keep playing golf while the nation is attacked and destroyed.

    • @ Ali….I agree that drone drone strikes are against our sovereignty…however we should also keep in minds that what those Uzbaks and Arabs have been doing there in FATA and why they are not going back to their countries……why they have brought the war to our soil…..if such elements will present in the area, drone strikes will happen….to avoid drone strike we must get rid of our foreigner militants from our land ….

  2. Maybe its time to remind kiayani of his job responsibilities. His number one responsibility is to protect the borders of the country. Instead of riding around in bullet proof mercedes he should be out front at the border with the soldiers. What exactly is he paid millions for? Definately not to be personal body guard of gillani/zardari. He should focus on the job that he was hired for instead of playing buddies with politicians.

    • Now Dear Kamran let us be rational and not emotional which is our national pastime
      after indulging in theories. We are responsible for our chaos be it Wazirstan or the rest of the country. How many times have we come in the sreets to condemn the beheading of our noble soldiers. We are very eager to turn out against usa. If we cannot take care of the terrorist some one else does it for us. We should accept our limitations and keep quite. That is exactly the Govt .is doing. After all we are a nation in name only thanks to Uncle Sam. How many heads rolled after Abbtabad
      assault? No body offered his resignation. It was business as usual. Please stop expectig apologies from USA. It has right to protect itself . The methods it chooses is it's own business. Pakistan is a rentier state since Ayub's days.

      • Dr. Khan, you are right about what we have become since the Ayub days. People like us who have travelled abroad extensively and been exposed to other cultures and systems feel very deeply that we have been cheated by our leaders. Unfortunately we are the ones who elect these leaders (to an extent). When I travel abroad and see the patriotism in other nations and how they put their national interest above anything else, it makes me think about what Pakistan could have been. We have talent, we have skills, we have resources, we have the manpower but what we don't have is the will and the desire in our nation and the leaders to make the changes necessary to succeed. Everybody is power hungry. All political and military leadrship is busy securing their jobs and their wealth instead of securing the future for all of Pakistanis. Its a shame that not only did nobody offer resignation but we, as a nation, did not demand any resignations from the people responsible for the sovereignity of the country after the Abbottabad incidence. We did not even bother to demand an apolgy from the people who failed us. Too bad that we have become the laughing stock of the world.

        • Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. You are now being rational but sound depressed. I don't think the best talent resides in Pakistan. Many of us after getting international qualifications returned to pakistan to serve but ended up walking in the corridors of power talking to clerks and feeding them half sets of tea and never getting to see theBOSS since we had only qualifications but no presents and no approach!
          Now another chance is coming. I hope for our future generations that the result will be different –But is any body listening.?

  3. Thank You Pakistani Government in getting on the table with America.. Thank you so very much!

    We (Pakistani Awam) definatly deserves to die cause we elected you people to be our leaders…

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