US Congress rejects bill against Pakistan aid


Dashing Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s drastic designs, the US Congress on Thursday turned down the bill proposing curbs on American aid to Pakistan.
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher had pushed the “Pakistan Terrorism Accountability Act of 2012” in the House of Representatives in a bid to straightjacket Pakistan.
It is pertinent to mention that in the rejected bill Rep Rohrabacher had proposed to the US government to provide $50 million each to any American citizen killed “as a result of actions of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) or support provided by the ISI to other organizations or individuals, including the Haqqani Network.”
He had also demanded that $50 million per victim should be deducted from the US assistance going to Pakistan.
Moreover, in the bill, the Secretary of Defense was also urged to certify every month how many US citizens were killed as a result of support by the ISI to the Haqqani Network and other militant organizations.
Earlier, The Republican congressman, who is also the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations had also said, “For too long America has funded the Pakistani government, giving it free money, while elements of the ISI and Pakistan’s military operate radical Islamic groups that are actively murdering Americans. Americans will not accept this.”
Previously, he had also introduced a bill demanding the right of self-determination for the Baloch people.
The House of representative rejected the bill as 335 votes were cast against the bill while 84 in favour. Pakistan ambassador to US, Sherry Rehman played an active role against the bill.


  1. Wel done by the American Congress.Very fantastic decision,but we urge that the killing of Pakistani in the process of terroism may also be be funded equal to american citizens killed during this war.Any how Congress decision is wisely wellcome..

  2. I am very happy for this wise decision. If these type of pressure put on ISI and Pakistan's duplicitous policies, the situation in the region will soon improve, because Pakistan is the source of all evils in the region and the terror epicenter of the world. Bravo US congressmen

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