Kunda culture


Electricity theft has been a serious issue for the electricity distribution companies for the last 10 years. Direct hooking is one of the most convenient and widely used methods of stealing.

This kind of theft is mostly conducted at night time and in remote areas. But now it is also making its roots in the metropolitan areas and according to one of the official of KESC power theft and non-payment had been disturbing the overall balance of payment for KESC and the genuine consumers have been suffering.

As a result of this situation, the company had to carry out loadshedding even in industrial areas. The main reason behind the increase in the number of directs hooks in the past few years are the rise in the prices of electricity and the non-payments of bills by the government departments.

Strong awareness campaigns are needed to be launched and people should get to know that if they don’t speak against the offenders, the burden of high prices and loadshedding will ultimately fall on them.