NAB starts probe into UNAICO ponzy scheme


The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Rawalpindi has initiated an inquiry against UNAICO Pakistan Pvt Ltd on a report by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) regarding the alleged suspicious transactions (STR) in the accounts of the company.
Initial verification of relevant record has revealed that the company, registered with the SECP, was allegedly involved in the illegal business of MLM (multi-level marketing) by enticing the general public for investments.
The company was running a ponzy scheme.
Earlier, the SECP had issued a public warning through the national dailies requesting the general public to refrain from investing in UNAICO or involving in any transaction with the same.
The warning had clearly notified the general public that the company’s business was illegal and not authorised by the SECP. NAB Rawalpindi has started a full-fledged inquiry and in the initial phase has frozen all bank accounts of the company and its director, Atif Kamran.
There are three bank accounts in the name of the company and relevant banks have been advised not to entertain any transaction in the said accounts till further orders. The NAB has placed Kamran’s name on the ECL. NAB Rawalpindi is in the process of contacting all members/investors of the company to approach.
The NAB Rawalpindi has to verify their claims and record their statements for legal action against M/s UNICO Pakistan Limited RPPs Case. NAB is in the process of reconciliation based on the available material collected/recorded during examination of the accused persons alleged in the case and hoped to finalise its inquiry within a week. During the process, NAB may call the accused persons already heard for further grilling if need be. The bureau has received commitments from various RPPs to return the defrauded amount in the days to come.


  1. Atif Kamran is not director of Unaico and Unaico is donating huge amount in pakistan. when unaico announced donation. where was NAB & state bank.think about this

  2. thare is no threat on official web site on NAB where is official statement from NAB please tell me

  3. Atif kamran is not a company owner……..its a global comapany and global business…uanico is not a farud …its a pure leagal online business……….unaico having 28 legal opinion reciving from top legal firms ….from the whole world …kindly read it carefully..then make any investigation agaist unaico…..

    • You are right but it is very necessary to investigate against unaico. I think u don't know that there is not any online payment system of unaico. And now you can not sell your share. If you don't believe u can try. I'm writing from Bangladesh and I attended Atif Kamran's conference in bangladesh. you can add me on facebook at [email protected] for more discussion

  4. i love atif kamran, he is a real leader of unaico he give us an oppertunity which is not given by any department of our countery

    • You are right but it is very necessary to investigate against unaico. I think u don't know that there is not any online payment system of unaico. And now you can not sell your share. If you don't believe u can try. I'm writing from Bangladesh and I attended Atif Kamran's conference in bangladesh. you can add me on facebook at [email protected] for more discussion

  5. Information given in said article is 100 % TRUE . NAB Rawalpindi has taken complete contact detail from BANKS where member deposited their amoutn and contacting with Unaico members to adding their written statement for further line of action.

    THIS ARTICLE IS NOT SCAM . Check SECP web site where they issued warning

    What UNAICO DID ? In start every sr member was committed that in the first quarter of this YEAR 2012 unaico will converted all OFC into Share but still all in vain .

    NAB has taken complete detail from BANKS where member deposited their amount and they are calling one by one.

    Statebank did very good iniative , just few members are enjoying perks and remaining all are waiting shares………

    same news was on

    Is this scam ?? THINK

    • dear b positive,if you have brain then search on sitetalk unaico,it a pure fine business, every member who is working is earning, can you proof a single member who had worked for unaico and not got bonus, if so then come with proof,or become a gold member,its my challenge to you.

      • Dear blessing you are absolutely right. Unaico does not give any reward to had haraams.

      • Mr Blessing many gold members are frustrated and claimed for withdrawal ,, they havn't yet declare their OFC's conversion to Shares and Anderson & Atif Kamran make new scam company LEO for your kind information they are not sincere they both makes fool ,, how a person become positive if he invested his amount for income and he waiting for 4 years that his company will reward his OFCs in terms of Shares but nothing yet so how you can say its not fruad etc etc …. be a realistic one and face the facts ,,, if u r fan of Anderson & Atif kamran then join LEO their new fake game ,,,lol

  6. i also asked NAB and DAWN newzreporter who done so, where are proofs, if they are true then come in front and show proofs,otherwise they have no right to play with anyone feelings, millions of people are changing there lives.

  7. Unaico is a scam , es nay logon ko bavkoof banya hai , 10 % winners 90 % lossers ….

    Ager yea etna acha business hota tu UK / USA / Canada ma b hotta ..

    They targetted ……..Pakistan, india , bangladesh , norway etc countries …

    Sabh proof samny ajyin geay …….s

  8. i think unaico is scame. i m bronz member i m trying to sale my ofcs from last month but in vain. please guid me how can i get mony back.

    • You proved yourself bloody idiot. while trying to say unaico frrrrraaaaad you tended to to your own marketing. dam fool

  9. i hate unaico.its stupid comapny who not give reward to peoples.they just play with poor people of pakistan.

  10. Luckily we have plat form in shape of National Accountability Beure, They are investigating about UNAICO SCAM . All Unaico Members should give statement at Rawalpindi NAB Office without any sifarish and reference.

    Bank Accounts where all unaico funds placed are are freezed by State Bank of Pakistan.

    Koi b Well reputed company apny Assests & office freeze nahi honay detti …

    Be aware about such type of schemes.

    • Aamir Rizvi sahib thanks God you are lucky that you have NAB in Pakistan otherwise the whole world has not any such kind of corrupted agency. The whole world is blind and only Pakistanis are visual ants people.
      According to international survey 95% people of Pakistan possess negativity of thinking.i.e. they tend to start thinking negatively.
      You are also one of those -ives.

  11. Why does NAB not look the president and prime minister of Pakistan who have and are looting billion of nation's wealth. Why does NAB not look officials' corruptions. Actually people sitting in State bank, NAB and in Government bodies are those who always want the system should prevail in the country that can make rich just few people i.e those who are in power or who are enjoying and occupying resources in the country.
    These people are sort of duffer people who cannot understand that network marketing is the new model and latest approach of business which is successfully being followed in all advanced and rich countries. These people always wish that the middle class and lower class of society should always be poorer.
    Unaico is the company which has not only created the revolution in the field of network marketing, rather it has given to the whole world a very strong platform of social media i.e. social networking.
    Unaico is the social networking company and not an investment company. It has some online products upon recommendations company pays commission.
    very sad and shame for such kind of nation

    • very good , excellent rehan , NAB is doing illegal work in pakistan, why they put notice without any solid proof. and there is no official notice in there websites, they are only wasting there time, they can not got even a single peny from such true compny, they have no brain , NAB is only misleading , misguiding and try to make poor nation fool. NAB people must thing that they will die one day and God will ask them for such cruelty on pakistani people

  12. NAB 1 Police Stationa hai badmashooon ka…..mjhy koye achy umeed nhe NAB puranay babay hainnnn….enhain kya pata social network kya hota hai…enhain bus post office se letter bhejna aataa hai…

    • why atif kamran made a new compney. unaico OPN speek a lei always. and whers I.P.O shares traiding. all thees unaico management are fak idiot stuped

  13. Rehan sb , aap ke baatin theek hain , laykin for your best knowledge SBP and NAB ke pass highliy qulified IT professionals hain.
    Network marketing is bigger truth but can you please reply following question:

    Why OFC not yet Converted into shares (Atif Kamran , Naveed , Abdul Qadir said ke first quarter ma shares ma conversion ho jani hai?

    Why 1 BV programme not yet started again , check your unaico support page where they wrote that it will start soon .

    We(pakistanis) Khany ko roti nahi or bahir ke countries ke packages hum nay kea karny hain dost.

    • dear khurram jo ap ny question kiea han in ka proof kdr hy, na he kisi ny ye kaha k ofc 1 qtr m convert hon gy and na he unaico k page p 1 bv k program ka kuch zikar hy, and 1 bv pgram pakistani and bangali negative and bhoka logo ke galat harkato ke wja se katm hua ha and hona b asa he chaea ta.b positive and do positvie, sub fit and hit ho ra ha.

  14. mlm. ponzi schemes are illegal all around the world and there is also a notice against unaio on secp that the company is involved in such activities like bring new customers and get your money back. for details visit
    please clarify that why secp has issued public warning against the company. i have nothing to do with the company but the given information on secp site can not be wrong because for general public to secure them from frauds, if its not so please give strong argument to support your ans

  15. It WAS legal and proper stuff……this company is NOT owned by Atif from UK. He is just a member and spreading a word BUT, they said OFCs would float on the Stock Exchange and that is what they have stopped. I personally know Abdul Qadir from Tiens and he just loots people off their money in a sweet, buttering way. He should go to JAIL.

  16. if unaico is fraud and looting money from people than what steps are taken against unaico by NAB.

  17. Many accused from unaico are presented their written statement at NAB ISB office . and case is in process .

    • I want refund from this fraud company. It is totally fraud. I have purchased bronze package. my upliner dreamed me very well. so now I am facing financial Problem. any one tell me how i can refund my money?

    • Hello,
      complement of the day,I am JOY,a kind responsible and humble sweet girl from Africa,i saw your profile here and like it.Please reply back at ([email protected]) for full introduction of my self,and to send you my pictures.please do not let distance race, or color be barrier for relationship i will love to hear from you soon

  18. That's just what you tried to do Unaico. Hope you go to jail and burn in hell if you still continue to rip people off for your tit bit of pennies.

  19. unaico is full time fraud i have deposited 240000 abi tuk kuch ni return hwa so pls is fraud se bacho ye logo ko loot rhe hai pls pls pls pls plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  20. Dear all i am also want Refund of Bronze Package. why there is a limit of one month for refunding application. I want immediately refund of my bronze package.

    M Rehman

  21. Report to the Police and file a case in the court. Another victim may add the cheating they have been doing.

  22. Sitetalk /unaico/ OPN /itel global group is a pyramid scheme that is changing to IPO scam. It is run by convicted criminals and known gangsters such as Mehran Muslimi in Spain. To find more information about these criminals and the companies that they use, you can look at this page:

  23. UNAICO is a big Scama and a big Fraud. They have make a lot of money from poor people of Pakistan. If anyone need a proof, U may visit their office in Saudi Pak Tower Islamabad, 11th Floor which has been closed now by NAB. All the office equipment is under custody of NAB now and Fraudy People have Ran Away.

  24. unaico made us upset,we 6 friends got 3 gold and 3 bronze pakages.almost we lost 9 lac rupees.
    anybody can help us..we belong 2 middle clas families.we are upset

  25. if still someone thinks that unaico is not a scam then he is the biggest fool…… Beware of such scams and warn the innocent people of this country who only wake up when they r looted. tc

  26. Abdul Qadir looted people by selling fake stolen gift cards. He made millions by cheating people. One person who made most money out of Unaico is Abdul Qadir. He cheated people in Pakistan and this is why Unaico dont want to do business in Pakistan.
    Everyone knows about Abdul Qadir selling stolen cards. He should feel shame.

  27. i requested NAB please help the poor people who trust on the unaico and invest there money.

  28. i request chairman NAB please help the people. ( kuch logon na bohat suhana khwab dekha kar logoon ko es maen phansaya ha ) Please return the amount.//////

  29. All affectees of this fraud are requested to establish a forum for followup and devise a strategy to revoked at least original amount.

  30. i am awais unaico is a fake and hundred 100% fake company.He played poor apkistani peoples.KHUDA ki lanat hai inpay

  31. اليوم لقد اتيتكم بموقع رائع انا اعجبني شخصيا وهو يحتوي على باقة من العاب بنات جديدة ومتجدد دائما ولمن لا يعرف العاب بنات فهي العاب فلاش تلعب على المتصفح بدون تحميل وتلعب مباشرة والعاب البنات هي بدورها فيها عدة اصناف وهي العاب الماكياج وفي هذا النوع يجب وضع الماكياج للبنت الموجودة في اللعبة وهناك كتير منها ويوجد كذلك العاب طبخ وهذا الصنف عنده محبين اكتر من السابق بفارق كبير وهو المميز عند الجميع سواء كانو بناتا او اولادا وايضا الصغار يلعبون فيه كتيرا وهو الاكتر انتشارا في النت ومواقعه كتيرة ويوجد صنف آخر وهو اقل منه قليلا في الشهرة وهو صنف التلبيس هذا الصنف ايضا يعشقه كتير من البنات وعدد قليل من الاولاد وكل صنف من هذه الاصناف توجد به العاب خاصة بشخصية معينة مشهورة فمتلا باربي ستجدها في جميع هذه الاصناف متلا العاب تلبيس باربي او العاب طبخ باربي او العاب ماكياج باربي وهكذا وهناك شخصيات كتيرة في هذه الالعاب وهي الاكتر شهرة طبعا عن باقي الشخصيات الغير معروفة وهذا الموقع يقدم جميع هذه الاصناف التي تندرج تحت نوع العاب بنات فمرحبا بكم جميعا

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