Power tariff increased by 12 percent


The federal government has increased the power tariff by 12 percent, taking it to Rs 8.72 per unit. According to a notification issued by the Ministry of Water and Power on Wednesday, the new power tariff would be effective from today (Thursday), however, consumers using up to a 100 units will remain beyond the tariff hike. The ministry has cited increase in the international price of furnace oil as the key reason for the increase in power tariff. According to the notification, per unit price of electricity was being increased by Rs 1.22 per unit against fuel consumption for power generation. During the last three years, the government has increased the power tariff two-and-half fold.
In addition, fuel adjustment charges are also being increased every month and it would also be pushed up in line with the notification. After the increase, electricity tariff will reach Rs 8.72 from previous Rs 7.84 per unit. Water and Power Secretary Imtiaz Hussain Qazi said the electricity tariff had been increased following the increase in oil prices and the ministry was also considering raising base tariff.


  1. i am still unsure why the government is not imposing other ways of creating electricity is Oil or Coal is the main problem?.I have heard Government is not in the favor of letting local Civilians import Solar panels and wind turbines . the main reason is so certain that government will not be able to earn Extra income from this crap,so its never a rite time to break the barriers and ask for the legal rights because we are living in a so called independent state of Pakistan

  2. Thats what we get with PPP. All these pathetic scum's illiterate children are employed at Wapda & PEPCO where they are drawing upto Rs.500,000/ month salaries… hang them!

  3. gov must uses the hydro power station on important bases and must create more capacity to store water in these reservoirs.

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