Gilgit-Baltistan CM’s squad booked for firing


Two gunmen of Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah have been booked for firing at lawyers, police said on Monday.
According to details, two gunmen deployed with the CM fired at a group of lawyers over a roadside dispute. The gunmen were on their way in a police vehicle to escort Mehdi from his house but when they reached Faisal Avenue, the traffic was jammed as some lawyers were fighting with a car driver over a minor accident.
On this, the commandos interfered into the matter and got the driver freed from the lawyers. The lawyers tried to scuffle with the gunmen on which they fired at them and left the area.
The lawyers registered a FIR against the commandos. In the application, they said that two guards of the Gilgit-Baltistan Police deployed with the CM fired at three lawyers, who survived the incident. Police registered a FIR under section 324/34 and 506 of PPC. “It was a direct attack as policemen fired four shots, which crossed just over my head,” Advocate Kazim Jamil said. Lawyers announced to observe a strike today (Tuesday) against the incident.
Separately, a resident of Ghauri Town was gunned down by two unidentified motorcyclists. Police said that Fazal Waheed was on his way when two motorcyclists fired at him due to which he died on the spot. The Koral Police registered a FIR and started investigation.