Begging activities rise to alarming proportion


Residents of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have to face troubling situation when they find beggars chasing them in the markets, hospitals and where not as the professional begging has increased to the alarming proportion.
The residents expressed fear that, if action to tackle the menace is not taken seriously, it will attain alarming proportions over a period of time. The beggars become a common sight on the main roads, parking lots and shopping centres they said. People urging the civic administration, demanded that the concerned authorities should take strict action against the responsible persons.
While on the one hand the number of child beggars pestering the people especially the shoppers in different markets including Melody market, Karachi Company, Aabpara market, Commercial market, Saddar and Raja Bazaar.
Atif Aslam a resident of G-7/1 pointed out that beggars remain present at all the traffic signals of all main roads including Murree Road, IJ Principal Road, 9th Avenue etc from morning to late night.
He said men and women as well as boys and girls whose ages are ranging between eight to 60 years are involved in this practice.
A shopper Hussain Ali claimed that Melody market is occupied by these beggars and they ask for money from shoppers and shop-keepers.
There is no doubt that a number of drives by the district government have been underway but begging still remains unabated in commercial, residential areas, hospitals, bus stands and at different traffic signals of the city. An official of police said that beggars especially the children have been persuaded not to beg.
He said that stern action will also be taken against those professional who are involved in sending these beggars into the cities.