Pakistanis rank 4th on global intelligence survey


Pakistanis have been ranked the fourth most intelligent people across the world in a globally-held survey. “Pakistanis are equal to the people of developed and industrialised countries when it comes to intelligence,” the survey report said. The poll was organised by the Institute of European Business Administration in 125 countries. The survey quantifies various aspects of brilliance and intellectual work in the nations of the surveyed countries. “Pakistanis outshine in the field of intelligence despite a dearth of required resources and opportunities,” the poll inferred.
The case studies of Ali Moeen Nawazish, Arfa Karim and Moosa Firoz were also quoted to prove the mental aptitude of the Pakistanis. Ali secured 22 As in A-levels exams; Arfa Karim had earned title of the youngest Microsoft Certified Expert; and Moosa recently won the World Mathematics Championship.


  1. There is no surprise here. The Hindu genes are the reason for this unparalled excellence in a 'Moslem' land!

    • Muslims once ruled the sub-continent. Hinduism doesn't even go as back as Islam so please don't flatter yourself.

    • This is just a news item and here we are self-immolating with hatred. What is wrong with the sub continent.

    • Why is it that you start talking such crap?What does it has to do with Hindu genes?
      The Mughal Emperors who built Taj Mahal,Qutub Minar and other things in India were not of Hindu Origin Ok ? Read the history, they were either from Iran or Afghanistan. Not all Pakis have Hindu Genes?
      Talking about Excellence in Muslim land, you moron, 1000s of years ago it was Arabs who contributed in Maths,PHysics and other fields.
      You bloody indians r racist.

      • Majority of pakistanis belong to Arab origin #information …….. just like 70% of pakistanis are belong to Arain tribe who had came with Muhammad Bin Qasim but their origin is Areeha,Palestine ………. and no doubt Arabs are most intelligent people if they give attention towards education !!

    • What was india before muslims ?Raja Dahir was ruling over Sindh Province and even the locals living in Sindh were fedup of him . The powerful Rulers use to take over small territories,their was no law and order in india ,it was muslims who contributed to architecture ,civil society and law and order of india.
      Get ur facts straight and stop brining in your biased approach.
      You indians want to take credit for everything good that is done just to raise your bloody nnumber. And pls next time don't bring in your cheap and filthy mindset here.

    • hindu gene 1st should help hindus and hindustan………..Pakistani's have their own talent, genes, and achievements so hindu's should also try to do something better instead of writing silly comments….I am sure God has given them also something…

    • hindu genes not workiing in india or it is hindu genes cud only do better when they become muslims ? you need to think !

    • Mind it that Arabs and Mangols came here, thus genes of Hindus got much better than before…. otherwise they still would have making stone idols

    • My dear chimera ,DONOT deny the history ,There are the muslim GENES in Hindus of subcontinent that lead to their intelligence …………..thats why India is not even around Pakistan in this list of INtelligent Nations

    • Sorry the Hindu Genes were a result of Raja Dahir marrying his own sisters.
      Paki Gene Pool comes from Central Asia (Turks) and Arabs.

    • Ok so their is no surprise here, ,ur own indians use to say that Pakistani Scientists r no match for Indians and Indians r ahead of Pakistanis in many fields but now when the European Business Administration has confimed the intelligence of Pakis , now u have made a hindu gene a reason for that.
      For ur biased information, it was muslims who built architecture in India eg. Taj Mahal,Qutub Minar ,Lal Qila and etc. Mughal Emperors came from Persia or Iran, they didnot had Hindu gene.

      • precisely!!! i have uzbek and iraqi blood no hindu genes this person speaks of! if anything india has middle eastern mixing with aryan (read iranian) and moghul mixing! what an idiot!

    • There is no surprise here. U people r always gonna stay jealous & insecure. Cheap mentality! Pity you.

    • Lols…….out of a population of billion + hindus are not even able to produce a fast bowler while we have wasim akram waqar younis atta ur rehman shoaib akhter…and only fast bowler india came up with is irfan pathan…hmmm muslim again….i wonder power and intellect seems to be missing in the very people who claim to have given to us muslims…..

    • A country who has more dieties than the population of pakistan is proof enough to measure the valuor and intellect of so called "Maha bharat"….330 million gods wow …

    • Hindu women were used as a courtesans not as wives among the Muslims that ruled Hindus for centuries.

    • seems like those hindu genes would statistically prevail in your hindu nation of a billion plus more than in our nations of millions less … uuffff the smell of envy is displeasing … but in all honesty i must admit i find india to be a highly progressive nation despite possessing low-brained individuals such as yourself

    • you can say in other way that the times you lived with muslims you know how to live a life in normal way.
      and what if our ancestors are hindus,sikhs they are far gone away for good.still barging about that we are converted
      today many hindus converted to islam.they did not think what they are in the past they look for the present and future.
      you people are the most pathetic nation on the face of earth.

    • you are very easy going removing your dress in women case and copying ppl and chaniging name to diffrent nationals.

  2. The biggest proof of our intelligence is in the people we elect. What other country in the world could have elected the likes of zardari and gillani. There is a good reason we have elected them. We just haven't figured out that reason yet 🙂

    • But the much bigger proof than this is that they also elected a dull and goofy leader like Nawaz Sharif twice in the past and still he is heading second largest political party in Pakistan(PMLN). What can be greater proof than this?

      • Even bigger is that no one demanded the resignation of any if the generals after the Abbottabad and Salala incidents. Any other country would have had their heads on a platter. But the biggest proof of all is that no matter how miserable things get, the citizens of the country will not come out on the streets. They are intelligent enough to know that things will not get better no matter what so why risk their livelyhoods by going to demonstartions instead of work.

  3. If we are 4th in the world then God help the rest. Any country that votes for PPP/PML cannot rank above 150th in the world.

  4. Wake up. Someone has given you an 'April Fool' moment. Look around at your 'Ghairat Brigade' and your assorted madrassa grown jihadis and you'll understand the pun 🙂

    • Trolls are not allowed here,muslims were the father of chemistry,algebra,mathematics e-t-c,muslims are born to rule the world because we have true religion of this world only Allah is the true owner of this universe,and only Allah is the God of this universe.

  5. And here the hindus show their jealousy genes…. chill dudes,may be u'll rank first in jealousy.

  6. The greater intelligence is knowing your true self which can only be found when your noise making machine "the mind" is still. The mind loves to condemn, judge and criticizes. When you find your true self only then love, compassion and forgiveness can enter this world through you. Unless you learn to dis-identify yourself with your mind, suffering would be your constant companion.

    • Can't you appreciate good things without criticizing?
      Your message does not connect with the news item.

  7. Duh? Not surprised that pakistanis are number four, i though they would be number one!The reason the pakistanis are number four in intelligence is the 'first' cousin marriages. For example marrying the daughter of your mom's brother (mamu or maternal uncle) the pakistani arab/central-asian 'intelligence Genes' stay in the family. The many products of that marriage(usually 5-6 or more) in turn have greater numbers of genes responsible for 'intellect'. They marry they first-cousins again and the concentration of the 'intellect' genes goes on!

    • Do not multiply yourself with ZERO, please. that much self-pity is going to hurt u,………….seriously.

  8. Sure, good things can be appreciated without criticism but do not drive your sense of self though them or you would be disappointed over and over again. True faith is when you feel secure inside when no security can be found in external world. Your job, health insurance, bank account, political affiliation, religious affiliation, educational status are all identifications created by the mind. You have created a false identity for you self. Unless you learn to recognized the false as false as not you there can be not true salvation. World can not give you what you are looking for. All structure are impermanent. Enjoy them while they last. Abandon your attachment mental concepts which say I am this and that. Your true self is before you were this or that.

  9. Take it as reality and aim for numero uno! you have what it takes! Millennia of retained memory in the DNA! After all we are the world's first and the odest civilization! so whats a couple of hunded years in the doldrums? Rise and shine Pakistan! Zinda bad Paindabad!

  10. Has anyone paid attention to the commercial advertisement just above where the comments start, Eckhart Tolle TV. If you have a bit of open mind follow it, it would change you life forever.

    • You people can only do jealousy,and this jealousy in you people will remain till the end of this world.

  11. There are many other examples to evaluate the intellect level of WE PAKISTANIES ,LIKE STARA BRUG,who secured world top.Momin imran who made new applications of iphone and ipads and he is only under teens.Malala Yousafzai,who won interntional recognization in world.Every year Pakistanis are surprising the world by their talents.

  12. Source? I couldn't find anything on this from anywhere else! Plus there is no person cited, the website of the said group shares no such information, and of course who are the rest of the top three!?

    • all of my love for Pakistan and no doubt about the intelligence of my fellow Pakistanis, but seriously this sounds like a bad NEWS REPORTING!

  13. Somebody has made all of you April Fool. it was published all over the internet on April 1st.

    • Why are you feeling jealousy,if you people can not do anything it doesn't mean every nation is same to you.

  14. If pakistanis vote for PPP/PML in next electorals,

    will it make us number uno in the Global Heretic list?

    • Yeah You are probably right the corrupt shall prevail and contol the world LOL I mean our Corrupt nation who are corrupt by instinct LMAO :DDDDDDDDDDD who can kill their mothers for money !!!!!

  15. If there would have been a survey on which nations creates the most ways of doing corruption and committing fraud, then Pakistan would have at 1, with the second not even half of it.

    • Yeah…….. U r rite. That day is not so far bcoz im going to join U ppl as a Leader v.soon….. 😉

  16. truth is that a lot of pakistanis let their lives be dictated by ignorant and fundamental mullah and molvis.
    We have a corrupt state, a corrupt culture and a corrupt environment for the next generation of young pakistanis to really excel and achieve their full potential in education.

    Pakistan should follow the example of Ataturk, the state secular and more transparent.
    Forget that!
    We should just follow the example of Quaid-E-Azam, our very own ataturk!
    Follow the example of Allama Iqbal, impressing people by setting an example – being role models in terms education, behaviour, attitude, humanity and religion!

    May Allah guide our nation towards glory!

  17. Ibrahim Shahid 23 As in O levels, Zohaib Asad 28 A's in O levels, 10 A's in A levels, multiple distinction holder are yet other cases

    Pakistan Zindabad

  18. buy we can not generate electricity 24 hour whole day we can use just 5 hour 19 hour we have shorted

  19. ppl understand, we are intelligent yet soft at heart, PPP came because of sympathetic reasons when BB died but the fact remains there, our nation has the talent but leaders are to be blamed for not letting them nurture. Keep young talent and politics apart, names given above are enough to prove.

  20. Intelligent people don’t get excited on survey results. More than 80% of surveys are conducted by sponsors, in other words, for various commercial purposes. But I agree you Pakistanis are definitely intelligent people. There are other instances than such lame surveys.
    I’m INDIAN btw

  21. News is Good, but there is no authentic source available so its doubtful, the Question is who are the 1st three???

  22. Its the pessimists who are always complaining.. Read up some of the negative comments, they'll make u sad.

  23. NO dought Pakistan is the best country that has been gifted by God so much that we are getting ahead in the every field of world inspite of having so many problems n our political clas gets change so the day will b incredable for Pakistan n Pakistan will the most one of the best country of the world

  24. Now Sir, What's the source of this information??????

    I have seen it only some other blog, tried searching it but couldn't find anything that suggest its true.

    I am amazed no one in the comments even asked for it .

  25. Absolutely baseless story. Instititute (sic) for European Business Administration is an ordinary training academy and does not conduct any researches. There is no "Research" or "Publications" tab on its website.

  26. Let’s take it as an aim in a productive way rather than fighting each other. Please remember one thing God has created every human being i.e. Christians, Muslims & Hindus etc, and God loves His creation but surly God does not like hatred. So spread love plsssssssssss

  27. Can someone put the link of sourc of this news story? I checked about it and didn't get details about this survey … not even on "Institute of European Business Administration" website. Please do state the clear reference.

  28. i hope this survey might be true. there are much more talent in Pakistan which needed to be traced nd polished. May long live pakistan

  29. rather than getting jealous tr to to come up to the level, life is short guys dont live in enviousness thats why u are wasting ur time and ranking nowhere and accept the fact PAKITANIS RANKED 4TH ON GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE SURVEY 🙂

  30. They are genius, no doubt…………but evil genius………that is why they are keeping the whole world in spin. Wherever there is any wrong doing in the whole world, Pakistanis are invariably linked with it……………LoLz.

  31. All the above comments prove, instead of saying Al Hamd O Lillah, we slapping our own face.

    Muhammad Umer

  32. I don't know about the sense of this news, how we (Pakistanis) are most intelligent without basic amenities, education, health, law & order, and energy & environment, etc.( like we are in tree less jungle). In the light of this exaggerated news I will just say that every animal is most intelligent in its sphere, so we are most intelligent no doubt.

  33. My dear Indian Neighbors despite of all the facts that Pakistan is full of faults u guys still know the strategic importance of Pakistan and cannot stand it that's why it pinches u. If u guys don't consider it of any importance then why are u taking the MFN status from us?Why are u doing the AMAN ki ASHA drama? and as far as the militancy and things are concerned well look at Ur house first then stand up to us…as one fourth of the problems are created by the intelligence of yours…

  34. I think Balawal did this survey while he was in the bikiniesof his girlfriends. Someone asked who ranked the first in this survey, I think first Nigerians, then Somalies, and third may be the Egyptians

  35. Its a wishful thinking,but I wonder if the 'European Business Bureau' included Pakistan in the list of 125 countries where the survey was conducted. I am sure we would have been no. one then!

  36. Hindus flood Pakistani and Muslim sites because they have a deep inferiority complex. Muslims for the first time shied how inhabitants of Sout Asia could be free and exercise their native intelligence. Islam liberated the common person from centuries of caste tyranny. Similar events occurred in Iran and Central Asia with the flowering of Farsi poetry literature and philosophy.
    Unfortunately the comment about Hindu genes is as fallacious as most of Revisionist Hinduvta false philosophy.
    Genes do not have religion, intelligence is Avery complex trait and not entirely generic. So Hindu genes is another element of pseudoscience taught in Brahmin-dominated Union of India.

  37. What is the source of this report other than Pakistani media. Can anyone give any reference????

  38. you have made the same statement which I was thinking to make! there is no evidence as such I have googled alot of times to get the real facts and figures I wonder why the F pakistani media keeps on throwing such type of news in the world and specially our home land pakistan.We all must know that Japanese,koreans,americans,indians and bengalis are very intelligent nations in the world and I can prove it with authentic links !!! but how do we know about this #4 th ranking ???????????

  39. Dear Friends,

    I am much shocked to read the comments of my countrymen. Please learn to respect yourself, outsider will automatically respect you. Please dont underestimate your abilities and there are many goods reasons to take fourth position in the poll talk about them. Zardari and Gillani are in the power due to vote of very minor portion (fools) of the country. There are vast majority of good people still there.
    Thank you,

  40. I cannot believe that we as nation intellectully no 4th Globally! we belong to a very strange society whose members could not drive according to Traffic Rules . Generally we are not Law Abidding people.We have no sense while electing our Reps. in all field of life.The literacy rate is at lowest level.Our leaders,buruacracy,militraycracy and Lawyers and Businessman are genallaly corrupt and dihonest.What Nation is?

  41. This news Maybe true, as individuals, there are many intelligent Pakistanis, BUT we fail as a TEAM. Everyone wants to get ahead of everyone else in Pakistan, but Teamwork, we need to figure that beast out. We Pakistanis are allergic to working together and sharing the best brains together without proving the other person wrong. Japanese are best at Teamwork. Even Americans and other industrialized countries, look upto Japan and study their Teamwork and cooperation habbit. The Kaizin Theory of product improvement was developed by Toyota Motors, and its core is based on Teamwork and cooperation and sharing of ideas, and Top Business Schools in USA and around the world teach such theories and continue to improve themselves.

  42. No doubt there are many Very intelligent, Super High IQ Pakistanis around, but they are Individuals, like Noble Physics Prize winner, Dr. Abud Salaam, Dr. A.Q. Khan, Dr. Mehboob Ul Haq (whose theory of 5 year national development plan was adopted by South Korea in 1960s, but sadly Pakistanis did not implement it, as it was suppose to be).

    We need to work on less Leg Pulling, and proving the other "smart" guy wrong and proving our individual self as always right, and learn to Cooperate and work as a TEAM, then and only then can we benefit and prosper as a Nation.

  43. Sure, good things can be appreciated .And don't show jealousy genes…. chill dudes,may be u'll rank first in jealousy. bear our success. WELL DONE AND KEEP IT UP PAKISTANIS. Ibrahim Shahid 23 As in O levels, Zohaib Asad 28 A's in O levels, 10 A's in A levels, multiple distinction holder are yet other cases
    Pakistan Zindabad

  44. This study is highly suspect since the supposed source in reality goes by a slightly different name. Another thing is what was used as the sample size ? Because a comparatively few people from the elite or intelligensia won't cut it. I would actually vouch that the true average IQ of people in the country is woefully low, especially given the rampant practice of first cousins marrying each other.

  45. This is a joke.
    If Pakistani people had any brains then why would they elect numbskull like Gilani and Zaradri to represent them.

  46. All those Pakistanies who get a chance to get education in foreign institutions usually excel,this proves that we have the best brain,what we are badly n need of is a true leader who can make us a nation like our Quaid did and we can work wonders…

  47. Abey idiots ! Look at the date of the publishment of this article above ! "Sunday, 1 Apr 2012 3:01 am " Which clearly say that you have been fooled !!!!!

  48. no doubt Pakistani's are one of the most intelligent nation.But why are u taking it into wrong senses.Look at their achievements in the world.7 atomic power in the world with any help from other countries lack of technical knowledge but still became an atomic power country. Every nation has negative aspects as well. Think positively May God bless this nation 🙂

  49. @hasan:You say 60% pakistanis have central asian blood.
    Then, declare your race as Mangolians but at first, be sure about the DNA.

  50. well there are many losers from bharat (modern day india) trying to prove that pakistanis are actually the blood of hindus or whatever let just get it straight guys, YOU GUYS ARE NOT INDIANS, DID YOU GET IT? just go back in time and read a little history, the etymology of word india,indian,hindu,hind is from the same origin and that is INDUS, which is river indus(sindh) located in south asian country we all know with the name of pakistan, HOW DO YOU LIKE IT NOW? logically! Sorry brothers but You guys can’t own word India as your country’s name just because u have taj mahal even that is also our harritage. Have some self respect and stop using our history to represent yourself on the globe. Just be bharati as LOSERS, thats what u guys should be actualy knwn as.

  51. pakistanis are intelligent. We can perform better. I am working in Iraq since 1 yesr and I accept this poll. So brothers and sisters do not feel inferrity complex.
    As for politics out ministers are selected not elected.
    Be positive

  52. A country dwindling under the influence of terrorism and unstable politics which lacks resources and lacks opportunities can prove its metal under such conditions. Think of the horizons we can overcome if we were a stable, peaceful and resourceful country with eyes targeted at nothing but progress only. Best of luck to the youth of Pakistan representing the nation as a loving, peaceful, broad minded and strong nation. Proud on the ones mentioned in the article. Proud to be a Pakistani.

    Daniyal Jatoi.

  53. Can we have a link to the site which shows the other results as well?
    😀 will give more credibility to this article

  54. Pakistanis 4th on the ladder o9f Global Intelligence! This is a joke. As a teacher I find Pakistanis far behind many from other Asian countries when it comes to mathematical and physical sciences.

  55. Pakistan Zindabad. It is MUSLIM genes. Subhan Allah. Pakistanis are filled with the love of Allah and the holy Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa (SAW). Allah blesses us, insha Allah.

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