APCNGA rejects increase in CNG prices


All Pakistan CNG Association strongly rejected exorbitant increase in CNG price and called its CEC meeting to review the situation. Chairman APCNGA Ghyas Paracha told Online that this increase is illogical and unacceptable and it will invite inflation storm and will ignite fire in Masses. He said that countries all around the world rapidly adopting CNG fuel while we are going to ruin ours. He said CNG consumers have already been disturbed by unjust three days load shedding and now this price hike is in addition to it.
CNG sector which is paying highest tariff has been facing severe Gas load shedding for three days a week, facing low gas pressure for another 2 days and facing severe power outages in rest of 2 days. He said this kind of treatment never with held to CNG sector before but now and government is grabbing taxes through CNG beyond limits and re-paying not a single relief to public CNG fuel is being promoted all around the world especially in Europe and USA. American President himself promoting CNG campaign but on the other side we are, full of Natural gas resources, possessing largest infrastructure, highest nos. of CNG stations and CNG vehicles, are now going to ruin our wealth and investment. He said we have called upon an urgent meeting of APCNGA Central Executive committee and will announce our line of action after its decisions.


  1. When they will decide their line of action…. i think we seriously need to come out… and demolish this whole Zardari setup….

    True Pakistani will come and protest……

  2. What is the need of protest, why people can't stop using cars? Govt knows well if they kept increasing the price, the public will still use it. Stop using it the price will be decreased, educated illiterate people.

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