Four FC men killed, five abducted in pre-dawn raid


Four Frontier Corps (FC) officials were killed and three others were injured in a pre-dawn attack by suspected Taliban militants in Sheerani district, some 350km west of Quetta.
The attackers also took five FC personnel hostage along with their weapons and ammunition. FC officials, while confirming the attack, told Pakistan Today that the attackers, believed to have come from across the provincial border, started indiscriminate shooting at the FC post before dawn on Friday. They said the Levies had lost three personnel, while seven others were injured.
A senior official of the provincial government said while requesting anonymity that the incident had taken place in the Paswara area of Mugha Kot in Sheerani district. He said four FC personnel had been killed, while three others had received injuries. He said five others had gone missing, and the authorities believed that they had been taken hostage by the attackers. He said district administration officials had informed the provincial government that the incident took place in the early hours of Friday, and the attackers belonged to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. He said the slain personnel’s bodies were first shifted to Zhob, and were sent to their ancestral areas for burial after their last rites.


  1. Rest assured No Suo Moto notice will be taken, No politician will issue a condemnation, No Tv Anchor person will hold a talk show, No human right activist will go to protest in front of parliament and supreme court. Because the people who are killed in this barbaric act are from Security contingent, the people who are responsible for all the problems pakistan facing. And believe me the five abducted personal will be find after some days with their beheaded corpses and it will make only two liner news in print media and a maximum 15 second news in electronic media BECAUSE these are the people responsible for all the ills pakistan facing.

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