Free laptops


The free laptops scheme by the Punjab government seems to be politically motivated at winning the votes of the youth.

It is highly disappointing to observe that how billions of rupees are being spent on these flashy electronic gadgets when our primary enrollment rate is one of the lowest in the world. Our universities are far behind from rest of the world in research due to lack of funding. The state of education in government schools and colleges is in shambles, to say the least.

Being a university student myself, I can say with full confidence that laptop is not an essential requirement for a college or university student. As at least two to three desktop computers can be bought in price of one laptop, the government could have established many more computer labs in schools and colleges with the same amount of funds, given that it felt so keen to improve computer literacy.

Moreover, reports of corruption and mismanagement in past such schemes like yellow cab scheme etcetera are known by all. How can the Government of Punjab ensure that this time the process would be fair and corruption-free? Hence, it is advisable that the Punjab government shifts this precious money to something more productive and requiring urgent attention.


LUMS, Lahore


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