PPP observes strike against Waheeda’s disqualification


Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) observed shutter down strike against Waheeda Shah’s disqualification here on Thursday.
PPP workers protested and burnt tyres on different roads while business centres remained closed. Complete shutterdown strike was observed in other areas of Tando Muhammad Khan including Tehsil Tando Ghulam Hyder, Bulri Shah Karim, Moya, Seri and other small town.
PPP had called a shutter down strike in Tando Mohammad Khan district to protest against the Election Commission’s disqualification of Waheeda Shah for hitting female polling officers during PS-53 by-election.


  1. I felt insulted when Musharaf said that western democracy was not suited for Pakistan. Now the PPP is trying to prove him right.

  2. waheeda Shah must be medically checked out for its gender.A woman cannot do like this mistake.PPP must discourage such types of naked and under burqa-dressed badmash elements .

  3. whereas i fellt insulted when i watched this CLIP, this particular step of ECP is appreciated

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