Where shall we go?


This is the question Pakistani minorities have been dealing with since Zia-ul-Haq’s Islamisation in ’80s. Brutal killings of Christian community in Gojra, attack on Ahmedi mosque in Lahore, killing of Hindus in Sindh and denial of rights to minorities in general has spurred non-confidence in state and the establishment for Pakistani minorities in recent years.

Most recent is the case of Rinkal Kumari: a Hindu girl kidnapped by local members of Muslim community with the support of local feudal lord, forcibly converted to Islam and married to a Muslim guy. The practice of forcibly converting Hindu girls to Islam is not something new in Sindh; more than 1000 such cases are reported every year.

High Hindu migration from interior Sindh to India explains this fact. Even the mainstream media tends to put a blind eye on such issues. Like in the case of Rinkal, Sindhi media and our popular mainstream media misrepresented the news by portraying it as “Hindu girl embracing Islam to marry Muslim guy” and showing ‘bhangray’ and ‘dhamal’ of local Muslims.

The actual news came much later when the Hindu community arranged protests in Sindh and Karachi. Why can’t the Chief Justice of Pakistan take suo-motu on this case?

Is it because of sensitivity of the issue? Does this mean that minorities don’t have human rights? Rinkal is a 17-year-old Hindu girl, where are all advocates of human rights and women rights? Oh, wait; let’s celebrate the Oscar Sharmeen got for her documentary on women rights.

Atrocities on minorities in Pakistan need to stop. We don’t want a Pakistan of the dictators; we want real Pakistan back, the Quaid’s Pakistan.


LUMS, Lahore


  1. Brother i really expected from you guys because you are well educated and your article is valuable for minortiy which impect the whole world here i want to mentioned that due to Feudalism and WADERA system in sindh we are facing critical condition even though in these days minorities are kidnapping from sindh. one day ago my another hindu sister kidnapped from karachi she was studying FCPS at karachi but that someone has kidnapped to her. we love pakistan our identity is pakistani we don’t want to migrate any other country, i also would like to say that few months ago my father was recieving the threats from some chief but we faced it now we are arising the slogan that where should we go can anyone tell us and kidnappers are not others they are belong to PPP and member of national assembly how they represent the people of pakistan if they are doing such type of activities . are we not pakistan are we not love to pakistan we think that sindh is our mother but some forces don’t want to live here

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  2. Where shall we go? INDIA. India is the final home for all Hindus in Pakistan.
    Our elders moved out of Pakistan just before it was formed and we are proud to belong to a nation that has given us excellent opportunities and an identity.
    The writing is finally on the wall and what are you waiting for?

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