Rinkle chose or forced to be Faryal?


A sizable crowd of Hindu protesters gathered outside the Karachi Press Club on Sunday, demanding justice for a 17-year-old Hindu girl from Mirpur Mathelo in Ghotki district, Rinkle Kumari, who was allegedly abducted forcefully converted to Islam and renamed Faryal.
The relatives of the girl, who were among the protesters, blame one man for her alleged predicament – Pakistan People’s Party MNA Mian Abdul Haq alias Mian Mitho, who is also the spiritual leader of Bharchundi Sharif in Daharki.
The girl’s relatives claimed that the girl fell in love with her neighbour Naveed Shah, whose friend Hussam Kalwar is a supporter of the MNA.
Kalwar, a criminal, has been arrested several times but always manages to get released due to his ties to the influential MNA.
Giving details about the night when Kumari was “abducted”, her uncle, Daya Ram, said in the early hours of February 24 this year, Kumari was supposed to meet Naveed Shah, believing that he would be alone. But Shah was not alone and accompanied by armed men, who abducted her and took her to Bharchundi Sharif, where she was forcefully converted to Islam.
“She did not leave home out of free will. If she had, why was one of her shoes at the home’s entrance and her dupatta outside? She was kidnapped by armed men, who barged into the home,” Ram told Pakistan Today.
He further said on the morning of February 24, he reached the Mirpur Mathelo police station and had an FIR registered against Naveed Shah.
On the same day at 1 pm, Kumari’s family received a phone call from MNA Haq’s son Mian Aslam Shah, who told them that if they wish to meet the girl, they should come to his residence.
However, Ram claimed, the family told him that they do not wish to meet her at his residence and would instead want her brought to the DSP’s office or the Hindu Panchayat Hall, where she can talk with them freely. However, both these options were rejected.
Ram said the next day, Kumari’s family was told that they can meet the girl at the Ghotki DSP’s office, but they would have to come along with Jeay Sindh Mahaz Chairman Riaz Chandio.
When Chandio and the girl’s family entered the office of the DSP, they saw that Mian Shaman, the brother of the PPP MNA, was seated on the chair of the DSP. The family again refused to talk with the girl in Shaman’s presence and was again given an option that they can meet her in the presence of Naveed Shah. The family did not accept the offer and went to the Ghotki civil judge.
The first time Kumari met her family after the “abduction” was in the court. She told her family in the presence of counsels from both sides that she was kidnapped. “Some people entered our home and kidnapped me. I did not want to leave with Naveed Shah,” Kumari’s uncle quoted her as saying.
At that moment, Ram said, Naveed Shah fainted and the judge, instead of letting the recording of her statement complete, remanded Kumari to police custody for two days.
“At the Sukkur police station, a policewoman handed her a cell phone on which she was threatened that if she did not change her statement, she and her relatives will be killed and the property of all Hindus in the area will be demolished,” Ram claimed.
“When Rinkle was brought to the court again, she was confused and upset and asked us to forgive her and allow her to sacrifice herself for our sake,” he added.
He said on February 26, President Asif Ali Zardari took notice of the incident and police again “kidnapped” Kumari and at 2 pm, she was shifted to Mirpur Mathelo from Sukkur.
On February 27, the day when Kumari had to appear in the court again, all routes to the court were blocked, but not for the “fanatic” followers of the MNA.
“If Rinkle was acting out of her own will, then why was she surrounded by armed men at the court?” Daya Rama questioned.
During the second hearing, Kumari gave a statement in favour of Naveed Shah and the court ordered her to be given into his custody.
In response to the family’s allegations, MNA Haq’s son Mian Aslam Shah has claimed that the couple had come to him seeking help and the girl wanted to convert to Islam so she could marry Shah.
MPA Petamber Sehwani, during the Sindh Assembly session on February 29, said Hindus’ daughters are being kidnapped and boys killed. “They are being forced to leave Sindh. But I want to make it clear that the Hindus of Sindh will not leave their motherland. Do not push us to the wall,” he said.
The pirs or spiritual leaders of Bharchundi Sharif have a history of religious extremism.
On November 2, 1939, a famous Hindu Sufi singer Bhagat Kanwar Ram was killed in a train while travelling to Sukkur. The FIR of the murder was registered against MNA Haq’s father, Mian Abdul Rahim and his two followers.


  1. save rinkle kumari and save minority of sindh,minorities are the assets of pakistan plz save them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • u are absolutely right Ravi!
      lets not divide sindh in Minority-majority. we are all sindhis, we are a nation. we will fight religion and religious extremism tooth and nail. but this could only happen when we fight as a nation not as minorities or majority.

  2. This is clear injustice with minorties in pakistan, we want justice , we want rinkle kumari back….

  3. It is not fair and not right to PPP MNA Mian Abdul Haq, why he support Naveed Shah, I request All PPP members and Chief Minister of Sindh and Governor of Sindh. Please solve this case immediately otherwise your Government is flap and all Hindu is not caste his Votes of your side.

  4. I have red this news, but now question is that the Rankle Kumari got marry with her own and now she is happy with her husband that is ok, otherwise she was kidnapped and forced for marry that is wrong, hindus are our brother. they are peaceful community, because many tragedy happened in sindh, on different times in sindh.

    • HSC discovered the ear device in Rinkle's ear which was hidden in the burka or dupata and ordered to remove this.Why peoples can not understand this is a clear case of abduction.Girls's every statement has been dictated by the ear device, what ever she spoke.These criminals might put this device again in the rinkle's ear to control her in shelter home.Please save the poor girl…………..

    • Dear Mohsin…glad to know that you are a nice human being..but our sister Rinkle is still in problem and danger…kindly do the needful…i beg you in the name of god..

  5. muslmanan khy pooro haq ahy ta hoo hindu khy muslman kan per unhan khy j k pan murado islam me achan chahin tha,
    per aj taaee tawha SHAH SAHABAN ghana hindu boys muslman kaya ahin, sirf girls e sho thyu muslim thyan,
    kadh ko muslman pahnjee girl hindu boy khy shaadi karae diye ae un boy khy muslman kary

  6. Sharam g Galih ahy jo asa g SINDH ja asul waris ae rahakoo hear atree museebat me ahn,
    sharam achan ghurjy tawha muslmanan khy j k kah kamzor khy zori gun point te islam kabool karae pahnji fth tha samjho.

  7. Ravi lets not divide sindh in Minority-majority. we are all sindhis, we are a nation. we will fight religion and religious extremism tooth and nail. but this could only happen when we fight as a nation not as minorities or majority.

  8. it is love merriage and question arises here why Kumari is kidnapped not any other Hindu girl? it is totally wrong that kumari is threatend by someone and she married forcefully? she is happy with his lover and now husband so this is not issue? Best of Luck Hindu community.

    • Fayyaz it would be interesting to see reactions of your creed, if the boy was Hindu and the girl Muslim. Hope you would say 'Best of Luck' then too.

  9. I believe there is no rule of law in the country otherwise the supporters and the abductors must have been behind the bar.

  10. Matter is not like that Rinkle Kumari eloped with his lover Mr. Shah i am Govt Laywer and i witnessed the Girl she is 20 years old and not forcibly converted she tells she want to convert and marry Mr. Shah and both take refuge in PPP MLA’s resident also a religeouse leader from their relitives where the girl converted to islam. She tells court that her parents want to marry her to 55 years old man who is her father’s friend and help her father with money investment in business. She says she will commit sucide if anybody seprate her from her husband.

    Mohan Lal adv Sindh high Court

  11. mohan lal is a fake person……
    i just contected with my friend in Sindh high court

    • nawaz brother we all beg the freedom of our sister Rinkle and other sisters too….help them in the name of god…we wud always be grateful to you

  12. she forced to be faryal………pls pls save her,we hv 2 d0 sumthng for her she is in big trapped

  13. Shameful thing 4 sindhi community. Gov of India should interfare in this matter. Sindhi living across India r not happy at all abt what happening in Sindh. Forceful conversion is totally wrong n I am totally against this. Islam ke naam par dhabba. Arabs ke law follow karna band karo n educate urself. Yeh Humara Sufizm naheen. Hum Hindostani he, Arab naheen.

  14. lookz lyk Mohan lal is fake and someone supporter of Napak PPP ke olad.

    Fake Mohanlal According to Quran spreading lie is haraam. Ur Vaidas tells the same. Itny himmat he tu free kar do usey. Allah aap ko acha dimag deke rahem kare.


    • @Shokat Ranglani & Shah Nawaz
      I am not fake i belongs to the same community but i am not liar but a lawyer in sind high court and you can confirm that i give you my registration # SHCL50896 Batch# 2000612. She is converted to islam and marry Mr. Shah without any threat and she was ot abducted but eloped with Mr. Shah.

      • If you were present at the first hearing and she were your daughter or sister you would have totally different thinking…

  15. If she had, why was one of her shoes at the home’s entrance and her dupatta outside?
    Do u have any answer fos this Mr. Fake Mohan Lal?

  16. The government of Pakistan should assist Hindus to emigrate to the countries of their choice as there safety or dignity is not assured.Importantly their women are even more unsafe.It is not only Hindus,but all minorities seem to face the same issues of security, the right to carry on with their faith.Shia's ahmadis,Christians,and of course Hindus,all are insecure.

  17. govt of pakistan and president of pakistan should have to action agaist their MPA mian mitto , and stop him to do so, other wise all minorities bycott PPP iin next election…

  18. its realy shyness for musalman . Hindus are never do like that its the real manners of muslim if she/ he if we see history whats the muslim charecter. Very band now we are educated civlized wise why we do like that & this Hazrat never say violence. Muslims are evils bad charecter so bad so bad i heate muslim

  19. Naveed shah and his followers are evils and shameful on Humanity. God Never forgive them.By this injustice over minor Hindu Girl. They should be hanged till Death.

  20. Just unite the two lovers together. As in Indian movies the three khans had loved and married hundred of Hindu Girls, but in real life the people watching these films are not tolerating a single love story. I will pray that may this love wins as shown at the end of many Indian films. Here both the Government of Pakistan and the Hindu Community are playing the role of a valian. Faryal and Mr N. Shah, I salute you.

    • This issue caught my attention over the electronic media and I was surprised. It is not clear if it is indeed a love story and she left on her own (and consequential reaction out of insecurity complex from the Hindu community) or she was actually abducted and converted under threat. She seems to have made statement in the supreme court that she left on her own free will. However, if she went on her free will, then why was her family threatened to the extent that they had to take refuge in Lahore? This is bizarre! I am from Bangladesh and we have over 15% Hindu population. I never heard of any abduction but there were cases when Hindu girls eloped with their Muslim fiance (though not very common). None of those cases made such news. Then again, I know of a Muslim girl who eloped with a Christian boy and converted to Christianity. Her family simply threw her out for good and that was all!

      If it was indeed an abduction, then the issue should be addressed harshly and severely. There is no Islam in abduction and crime and such crime should not be allowed to go unpunished! If she left on her own, then better let her go her way and live the way she wants to. In that case, one or two Rinkel Kumari will not bring an end to the Hindu community!

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