Cops turn kidnappers


A man accused two policemen of kidnapping in the area of Wahdat colony on Friday. According to details Afzal Shahid was forcefully taken out of a hotel and was beaten by two unknown people. The noise led residents into calling the police. Later it was discovered that the suspects were in fact policemen; constable Saeed from Faisal Town Police Station and ASI Salman Saddique from the Choong Police Station.
The man states that despite many efforts the police had refused to lay any charges against the police officials and that the police were skewed towards their colleagues.
HUSBAND POISONS WIFE: A woman allegedly poisoned by her husband at Nawakot Police precincts on Friday. Police officials said that Aleesha (36) was taken to Services Hospital after she was found unconscious at her house near Niazi Adda. They said that Aleesha was pronounced dead at the hospital and the doctors stated that she had been poisoned. They said that Fehnaz, the brother of victim, had lodged an FIR against her husband, Arslan for poisoning Aleesha. They said that Fehnaz informed that Arslan wanted to marry another woman which Aleesha was resisting.
DEATH BY DRUGS: A man found dead under mysterious circumstances at Ichra Police precincts on Friday. ASI Iqbal said that a man of around 60 years of age was found dead near Per Ghazi Road. They said that announcements were made in the area to identify the body but to no avail. They suspected that the man was a drug addict who died due to over doze of drugs. They said the body of the man had been shifted to the morgue.
FIRE: Valuables worth Rs 1.5 millions were reduced to ashes in four different fire incidents in the city on Friday. Fire fighters told that a bakery in Baghbanpura police precincts station erupted in flames due to short circuiting. They said that valuables worth eight hundred thousand rupees had been burnt. In another incident of fire Alaqsa Electronics at Mozang erupted in flames due to short circuiting. They said that valuables worth five hundred thousand rupees were destroyed in flames. Fire fighters said that valuables worth fifty thousand each were reduced to ashes as fire erupted in a house at Hussainiabad Street Gulberg 3 and Saeed Fazal Pura house number 78 street 32 at Kot Khawaja Saeed.