Bin Laden’s lair demolished


The multi-storey compound of Al Qaeda’s former chief Osama Bin Laden in Bilal Town, Abbottabad was demolished with the help of heavy machinery late on Saturday night.
The compound, situated near the Pakistan armed forces training academy at Kakul was demolished under the supervision of local administration with collaboration of armed forces.
According to details, soon after dusk a heavy contingent of armed forces and police cordoned off the compound.
All routes and streets connecting Bilal Town with the rest of Abbottabad were blocked for vehicles and pedestrians as well. More than 400 personnel of the armed forces, police and Frontier Constabulary were deployed around the compound blocking all routes and streets leading to the house.
With the help of bulldozers, tractors and other machineries, the multi-storey compound was demolished in a period of around two hours. There are no further details regarding the belongings of Osama bin Laden.
According to official documents, 4,200 square yards of land was purchased for construction of the house sometime in 2004. The house was constructed over 1,800 square yards whereas the rest of the area was used as a courtyard and garden.
So far the authorities are tight-lipped about the reason behind the demolition of the compound but it is believed that the government was troubled by frequent visits of foreigners, especially media squads to capture images and videos of the compound. A few days back, the law enforcement agencies detained two foreign journalists who were taking pictures of the building.


  1. it will serve the purpose of ending the last possible evidence of a hoax. Quite strange they are doing it so late, I was under the impression they had done it long ago.

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