Whither good governance?


Analysing the performance of both governments federal and provincial, we find that they have failed in delivering to the masses during their four year tenure. There is no consistency in the policies of the governments. The federal government has failed in making a concrete policy to cope with the energy crisis. Inflation is rising and it has made the life of the common man miserable as well as that of the business community.
On the other hand, provincial governments have also failed in performing their duties, particularly with regards to law and order. The provincial governments have failed in curbing corruption in institutions as well. For instance, lawlessness in Sindh is on the rise. LEAs are doing nothing except drawing salaries. Punjab’s CM is doing a better job in relative terms but he has also had many a debacle on his watch. It is the constitutional duty of the federal government to mete out equal treatment to the provinces irrespective of who is ruling the province. I think that a performance review board should be set up at the federal as well as the provincial level. The board should convene a meeting of institutions’ heads every month. This board could analyse the performance of all departments. Through this process, malpractices will be reduced in governmental departments. This will also help to improve the performance of all government’s departments.