Mansoor’s revelations are a publicity stunt: Malik


Terming Mansoor Ijaz’s revelations as a ‘publicity stunt’, Interior Minister Senator Rehman Malik on Monday rebutted Mansoor’s lawyer Akram Sheikh’s allegations that the US national was being trapped by the federal government. He was talking to journalists outside the Parliament House. “Mansoor Ijaz himself made statements against the army, ISI and about toppling Benazir Bhutto’s government. We (the government) as a stakeholder have the right to form a commission and investigate into these issues,” Malik said. The minister said that the nation was demanding an explanation of all claims made by Mansoor. On the US national’s statements that he was at war with Malik, the minister said that he had been fighting against terrorists and other enemies of Pakistan for the last four years and if Mansoor wanted to join those ranks, he was most welcome.
Malik said that Mansoor had refused to come to Pakistan because he was scared. “If Ijaz was an honest and brave man, he would have come to testify in the memo case,” the minister said, adding that he would not allow anyone to insult Pakistan and its people. He said that Mansoor’s attempt to befool the people had failed.
The minister said that it was his ministry’s responsibility to provide security to the US national. He said that the Islamabad IG had assured Mansoor’s client of full security. Malik said that army security would be provided to Mansoor if needed.


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