New Year’s present


Reports are pouring not only of an increase in CNG price but also of full closure during the month of January. With the advent of the New Year, every one tries to better themselves or at least resolve to better themselves. But such an attitude is concertedly missing on our government’s part. The government announced the sky-high augment in CNG prices and prepared us for another fateful year which would be direr than the previous one. The colossal increase in the CNG prices will cripple the running of the nation where a large chunk of the population depends heavily on CNG for their transportation.

Almost all forms of public transportation have converted their engines in to CNG as the cost of petrol consumption is unreasonably high for them. This decision will affect the lower classes that use public transport and the middle classes that have CNG-based vehicles. The upper classes that own luxurious, posh cars will not be affected by this decision.

The government has taken this decision in dire circumstances and this will have a very bad impact on the country. Our government should not only spend more money on exploration and exploitation of gas reserves but also develop other alternative energy resources as this crisis is here to stay.