New entrants


People are criticising Mr Imran Khan’s induction of old faces in his party. When he was all alone, people used to gripe that he is playing all alone in this pitch. But now when he is all set to take off, people are blaming him for this.

The very people who criticised him for not having prominent personalities in his party are now finding fault with him for taking on experienced politicians.

What people do not understand is that to make any organisation or any company work, a mix of seniors and juniors have to be relied upon to run the company affairs. It is very important to have an experienced lot at the helm of affairs to guide the juniors for a steady outcome. The same strategy is being applied in PTI to induct an experienced lot with some experience of handling the affairs of the government as their help in devising the strategies in an efficient and effective manner to run the country affairs would be invaluable. To run the country affairs is not a joke!

We all know that PTI is new to all this so they desperately need a strong team of experienced players along with PTI founding members for the proper execution of the strategies for the development of Pakistan. These people who are being inducted are truly patriotic citizens of Pakistan and free from the stigma of corruption. Their only fault is that all of them were members of corrupt parties and part of corrupt governments. They stayed there because as there was no choice for them at that time. But now they have an option: the PTI.