Solutions, not confrontation


Among the news of impeachment of the president, downfall of the PPP-led coalition government and prospects of martial law, the news of price hike in CNG and LPG prices have been totally sidelined. Though political instability is not in country’s favour – we are passing through a difficult phase – there are severe economic and governance problems to be addressed.

Our economy is in serious trouble because of high fiscal deficit, high inflation and unemployment rates and low foreign as well as domestic investment on one hand, and on the other hand large cuts in aid (both military and development) given by America has added to a plate which is already full of economic problems. These economic difficulties along with government’s bad governance and corruption have destroyed almost all government institutions like WAPDA, Railways, PIA, and Steel Mills. Textile and CNG industries are on the verge of collapse due to power crisis. So, instead of creating an atmosphere of confrontation and political instability, opposition parties should put pressure on government to solve these serious problems so that common man could get some relief. But if this government continues its bad performance than a peaceful transfer of power, through new elections, should be the next option which is never considered in our political history.