Hamid Mir fears for security


Geo TV anchor and journalist Hamid Mir on Wednesday claimed that he had received threatening messages on his BlackBerry following talk shows in which he discussed the political role of the Pakistan Army. “These recent threats are related to two recent shows on Geo TV. I discussed a story in The Independent in the UK reported by Omar Warraich on December 14 and raised questions about the political role of ISI Director General Ahmad Shuja Pasha. A constitutional petition was filed by [Community Party chairman] Engineer Jamil Malik on December 19 in the Supreme Court of Pakistan [asking the court to remove Lt Gen Pasha] and I was included in the petition as one of the respondents. I came to know about this petition in the evening of December 19. The same evening, I discussed the press conference of Baloch leader Attaullah Mengal on my show. Mengal criticised the Pakistan Army’s atrocities against Baloch. This show was aired in the evening of December 19 and repeated in the morning of December 20 between 11am and 12pm,” Mir said. He said he was “sure that security establishment of Pakistan is once again angry with all those who will raise questions about the political role of the army … if anything bad happens to me or my dear ones, the security establishment will be responsible,” Mir said in a message to fellow journalists.


  1. jUST A Publicity for these Geo Anchor's as they also wanna famous and wanna in and who knows tomorow they will be in politics and wanna be leader…. ya who knows… Allah knows only…. all lier..

  2. If anything happens, this will be the nail in coffin, and the the nation will come on the streets against the army and ISI.

      • Fully agree…. The army and ISI are the only two institutions, why Pakistan is surviving.

    • you dont die for the nation the army does even if hes paraded on the streets and killed like gaddafi no one can do any thing.dont you knw the politics in pakistan??i smell indian here.

    • mohibay watan, I'm sorry but I don't love my army for what it has been doing in afghanistan, what it has done in balochostan, and how it continues to interfere in politics. The army is for country, the country isn't for army. Half our budget has been going to the army, what do you have to say about that?

      • My friend i am glad u asked.the army is supporting Taliban what wrong is to support armless and poor freedom fighter Taliban who one ruled
        there country with peace.Americans invaded Afghanistan Taliban did not invade America.so called AL-Qaeda (Meth) was involved in 9/11 attacks not Taliban which was not even freely investigated and overs the years proved many times as an inside job(open ure eyes and see on you tube even the normal Americans agree to that it was an inside job)Biden just gave a statement that Taliban is not there enemy then who is??IT is the nuclear armed Pakistan the Superpower China and the hidden nuclear power Iran is why they bombarded the Taliban country to stone age.So supporting a Muslim brother country in an foreign invasion against are mutual enemy is wrong???Even the holy Quran says it is obligatory to support and stand for neighbor Muslim brothers in War against Zionist(yahodis)Americans are war mongers don't you see the whats going on around the Muslim world.Don't you know who used the first and nukes?dont you know who killed are 24 soldiers don't you know there is no law for them.Get real knowledge brother hope ure eyes will open one day.Do you know anything about Baluchistan???NATO RAW MOS SAD CIA are out to break Baluchistan.And why is that??it is because they have strategic intrust there.They don't want us to break a Gas pipeline deal with Iran which will make us a wealthy prosperous nuclear armed nation.It will make CHINA into a Superpower and America no2 which they cant except.It will make Iran Rich and powerful.they don't want us to give Gawaddar port to CHINA which will make us both even more richer that you can imagine they don't want us to use the minerals in Baluchistan for which they first used Bugti against us who got killed And they are now using there Sons to wage an anti Pakistani war against us.this is called guerrilla war fare in which there are covert operations and missing persons from both sides there is heavy foreign funding to support this war.The Army is defending war on many fronts including swat south Waziristan FATA Malakand DIR Baluchistan and many others which i cant recall atm.Half of the budget is nothing in front of Foreign funding.Pray for out brave army don't accuse them in this difficult time.Hope that you get your facts straight.

    • Hahahaa… you are dreaming …Pakistan will be celebrating Hamid;s Death as a relief 🙂 U are so stupid !

  3. How is Hamid Mir certain that this message was not sent by the IB or PPP jiyalas to create rifts between the media and military? Hamid Mir has once again hammered down on his own feet. If army was involved, they would never have sent a text saying "Hope no army man did bad to your dear ones". Who reveals himself before threatening someone? 🙂

  4. expose all the bad people whether it be army or politicians. but operation in balochistan and whatever critisim there is should be directed at the governemnt not the army.

  5. Change Blackberry just like Haqqani. You should have bought a New BB when you went to Dubai recently :)))))

  6. hamid mir is raw and cia agent.he spreads false information for cheap publicity like veena malik.its better for him to have a nude picture for publicity

  7. i do not beleive. pak army is the sole institution and the centre of gravity of pak. hamid is not acceptable

  8. Hamid Mir should better wake up.ISI or army can not hold talk shows and reply his stupid questions.What a cheap popularity stunt,it appears he has lost his mental balance and needs to be seen by a psychiatrist .He talks about Baloch leaders.Why he keeps his mouth shut on the killing of FC personnel,killing army personnel protecting the life and property of poor people,kiddnapings for ransom.All Baloch leaders are living in posh bag lows in Karachi.All development in Balochistan has been done by military rulers.What is the contribution of sardars.People know the background of his idiotic shows.He talks too much and all nonsense.Who is derailing the trains,destroying Sui gas pipelines,damaging power pylons.Who is calling non Balochistan in Quetta.Does he know how many teachers,professors and doctors have been killed.What happened to Kulpars.For God sake keep your mouth shut

  9. Distortion of history, biased facts, feeble research are wt v are famous for. Debacle of east pak, 1965 war,Kargil, Operation Neptune Spare ( wherein Usama Uncle was killed) show how professional our army is as an institution. Concept of strategic Depth in Afghanistan, involvement of Uncle Hafiz Saeed in Kashmir, and support to Malik Reki of Jandullah Speaks ample enough about the role of ISI in the region. Lets move ahead, Killing of Khurram Shezaid, mutilated bodies of baloch youth, Operation Search light in East Pak show how innocent and kind hearted our army and secret agencies are when its about human rights. Hamed Mir is a traitor because he rights something that is true, Ali Diyan is a traitor because he talked about the tyranny of our army in discussion on Balochistan issue in the house of uncle sam. We love pak not a group of generals. I salute an ordinary soldier who dies for his country but have these generals given to us?????

  10. Army just fights it own people and thats it. never won a battle ever just talks, tea breaks, and using force against Pakistanis and concentrate of how to grab more land and sell assets of Pakistan for personal accounts of dumb officers. And then any body who raise questions are termed as cia agents. Wow what a logic. I can already imagine pak trash army walking with their hands up and pants down with Americans after them just like it happened in Iraq. These brain washed bastards will never realised that they took oath to defend the country and uphold the constitution and not to kidnap and kill its own people. Every one is aware that now a days Army and ISI is involved in murder and kidnap for ransom like any other criminal gang. What else can u expect from them. SO basically pakistanis are sponsoring a criminal organization by sponsoring the army and spending 80 percent of their budget on them.

  11. Hamid Mir is Mir Sadiq in Pakistan and he is playing foreign tunes. I wish he had learnt some principles from his father. A fifth columnist.

    When the people criticize army ,they do mean the Generals , when they cricize the Govt they mean the top leadership of ruling party. Hamid Mir is not against the army and it's brave soldiers. He is telling the truth and facts about some and there are those who have taken commission in the army for this purpose only and not to fight against our enemy. What did Gen Zia do? He hanged a gem of our politicians in our country, Z.A Bhutto. then there were and are brave ,dedicated soldiers in Pakistan army eg SSG Commando Brig TARIQ MAHMOOD Shaheed who spent all his life IIN THE BATTLEFIELD, KASHMIR, SIACHIN SINDH,BILOCHISTAN defending Pakistan FROM OUR ENEMIES.i'M SURE HE IS NOT AGAINST THESE BRAVE SOLDIERS.

  13. liar never shows the truth, mr hamid mir show us those sms live on tv and stop for asking cheep popularity

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