Faryal mobilises Punjab PPP to counter ‘hard times’


The Pakistan People’s party (PPP) Punjab has activated itself against what it called conspiracies against democracy and the democratic government and reposed complete confidence in President Asif Zardari.
In this regard, President Zardari’s sister Faryal Talpur held a party meeting at the Punjab Governor’s House on Saturday. The party meeting passed a resolution against undemocratic elements. Addressing the parliamentary party meeting, she asked the PPP leaders to prepare themselves for hard times and urged them to increase mass contact so that workers could be stimulated for the next general elections.
She told the parliamentarians from Punjab that applications for the Senate elections would be called in January 2012. She said the president would return to the country very soon and PPP leaders must react strongly against the rumours about the president’s future.
PPP Punjab President Imtiaz Safdar Warraich told reporters after the meeting that the party would defend the democratic system and parliament in the country and foil any move to derail democracy.
He said a resolution had been passed in the PPP Punjab executive meeting which reposed confidence in President Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.
“It was decided that any conspiracy against the leadership of the party will not be tolerated,” he added.
“Nawaz Sharif’s move to move Supreme Court while saying he did not have confidence in the elected parliament reflects on the PML-N’s defeated mindset,” he said, adding that if an American wrote a memo to another American, how could that be taken up by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He asked why had Nawaz not filed a petition against the ISI DG as Mansoor Ijaz also spoke against him?
Speaking on the president’s immunity, according to Article 248 of the constitution, he said every government servant retired at the age of 60 years and only Supreme Court judges had the immunity to serve up to the age of 65 but why was the president’s immunity not being considered according to the constitution.