No hope of justice in memo case: Chandio


Federal Law Minister Maula Bukhsh Chandio has said he knows justice will not be done in memo case, a private TV channel reported.
Talking to the channel outside the Parliament House, Maula Bukhsh Chandio said that president Zardari was being criticised only on baseless charges leveled by an American citizen.
He said Article 6 will not be applied against President Zardari as it was even not implemented against the dictators.
Chandio said that the federal ministers were appearing in the lower courts to get bails while the Supreme Court was taking notice on the prices of food items despite it was not in its jurisdiction.


  1. when Mansur ejaz wrote against ISI nobdy even duscus him when he wrote memo gate every bdy talking baout this again he wrote against isi that General Pasha got persmission frm arab shaikhs to dismis pak govt couple of month agao nobdy is discusing that only we r discusing memo memo memo andmemo becoz this is called STEREOTYPING which we have against in our mind against zardari i also hate that govt but i thnk that is US game which they are playing in pakistan fight between PAK GOVT and Pak Military and OBAMA wil lcash that fight when he wil alow US trops to get in pakistan to destroye pak nuclear power That is only way OBAMA can win the election i think C.J Military President Prime minister Journalist shuld need to sit back and discus that issue this is game which is playing by US THnk Tank we need unity that is a bad time i am not the follower of PPP i hate them but i cant thnk that President did this

  2. Nobody expects justice from Chaudhry Court except those who appear without counsel. The court was told Fakhruddin G Ibrahim would be appearing. Now, we see Rasheed Rizvi has come forward as counsel. Do you know this man? He is the same who contested Supreme Court Bar Association election with the blessing of Chaudhry Court and lost.

  3. Choor kee dari main tinka
    Zee rgaim is choor so they crying
    Supreme court is doing historic job in the history of paksitan
    we love Supreme court.
    We hate Zardari regime

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