Haqqani sues Newsweek


Former Pakistan ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani has sued the US magazine Newsweek for publishing an article written by Mansoor Ijaz.
Haqqani served a notice which claimed that the article has caused “irreparable damage” to his and President Zardari’s reputation.
In his article published, Ijaz claimed that Zardari and Haqqani were aware of the May 02 raid in Abbottabad before the operation.
The article further quoted Ijaz as saying that Haqqani assured him about the prior approval of the president ahead of delivering the controversial memo to Admiral Mike Mullen.


  1. yes he is guilty thats why he is not taking legal action against Financial Times where Mansoor Ijaz article was published regarding memogate.

    • Even in the article published he is not going to give Haqqani much joy.

      Mansoor Ijaz's language was speculative and not categoric.

      The defence will say that this was what he speculated or guessed.

      Haqqani may not get an apology from Mansoor Ijaz and the judge might say that there is no case to answer.

      There is a possibility of Haqqani getting some compensation. I doubt it.

      7th December 2011

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