Government a toothless tiger, says Asma


Former Supreme Court Bar Association president Asma Jahangir on Saturday termed the government a “toothless tiger” as it lacked moral authority and power.
She had earlier talked about the judiciary in the same manner as according to her, it also “does not entertain any moral authority because its decisions are not acted upon”.
Asked in an interview in Samaa TV programme Zer-e-Behas hosted by Pakistan Today Editor Arif Nizami about the reason she had decided to represent Husain Haqqani in the SC, she said she had earlier been approached by Haqqani to plead his case which she declined, but subsequently changed her mind when no lawyer was ready to take up the case. Asked to substantiate her point why the judiciary lacked moral authority and was media-driven, Asma said the judiciary ran on the principle of moral authority which was the basis of its power. She also said there was no similarity between the Watergate scandal and the memo issue. “This is called showing way to others.”
She said because the judiciary was not an elected institution, it should avoid indulging in controversies. To her “the standard should be the same for everyone. If some Allah Ditta approaches the judiciary, he should get the same treatment meted out to Nawaz Sharif.”
Asked to react on Tariq Khosa’s reluctance to head the commission, she said it was a welcome move. “Khosa has earned more reverence in my eyes because he did not want to earn a bad name for himself.” She said she had never had any doubts about Khosa’s integrity, and that it was not correct on the SC’s part to name its favorite investigators, no matter what their level of integrity was.


  1. She is not practicing lawyer. Nawaz Sharif did not get any relief for himself. This is a big national issue. What is harm in probe. there is great danger to country's independence and soverighnty, she is condemning SC on procedural issue. She is party to it as she is lawyer of Haqqani. She should give reply in 15 days and argue in court in stead of using media for malicious campaign against SC.

    • For God's sake Mr. Saleem; Think before you open your mouth. Asma Jahangir not a practising lawyer and then you say she is a party to the case as she is defending Mr. Haqqani. You are a part of the 'Ghairat Brigade' so you must watch the 'Beyghairat Brigade' song 'Aaloo Andey'. She has the right to defend anyone she chooses. Mr. Haqqani was condemned unheard by the Supreme Court. Yes Mr. Nawaz Sharif has received so many favours from the Supreme Court that we have lost count; Review petition allowed by a different bench even when the original judges were available- a clear violation of the Rules, hearing of time barred appeals against convictions without even being asked reasons for the delay even though the Supreme Court has itself held that EACH days delay has to be explained etc. etc. Why is the case of Mian Sahib taken up so early while hundreds have to wait for decades to even have their case listed? As Mr. Nadeem Paracha tweeted :"Anyone who has a case in the Supreme Court should change his name to Nawaz Sharif and his case would be immediately taken up."
      Ms. Asma Jahangir is respected all over the world for her courage and integrity and I do not think she needs endorsement from everyone.

  2. As a lawyer she is an officer of the court and she says that the court has lost moral authority. She does not want the truth to come out.

  3. Her designs are different. She speaks for foreigners from where she gets money in the name of human rights ACTIVITY.Now she is offering service to Haqqani to reciprocate Babar Awan who got her elected President SCBA. nO SANE PERSON CAN OBJECT ON INVESTIGATION OF mEMO. iF IT IS NOT TRUE IT WILL GOTODUDT BIN BUT CRITICING sc BEFORE ANY DECISION IS BEYONG UNDERSTANDING.

  4. talking of moral authority! …..and Asma do you you swear to drop haqqani the min you realize he is lying through his teeth.
    or shall we then assume you like to protect the underdog, that then would be a major change of course indeed.
    We will be watching the moral high ground keenly, you owe it more to your ownself then to anybody else.

  5. Asma always speaks for democracy but she should also highlight the true face of democracy in pakistan….

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