Pasha met Ijaz to verify ‘memo’ claims in London


ISI chief Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha met Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz in London to verify his claims that he helped deliver to US administration a secret memorandum in which Pakistani government purportedly sought American help to stave off a possible military takeover, an Indian media reported said on Sunday.
Due to the “sensitivity of the charges” levelled by Ijaz, including the alleged authorisation of the memo by President Asif Ali Zardari, the highest level of Pakistan’s military leadership decided the initial investigation must be carried out by the ISI chief, an Indian state run news agency reported.
Asked to confirm whether the official who met him on October 22 was Pasha, Ijaz said “Yes.”
Ijaz earlier said that the full data and evidence of his contacts with the Pakistani official who asked him to draft the memo has been given to Pakistani authorities. This includes records of phone calls, SMS messages, Blackberry exchanges and emails.
Ijaz met Pasha on October 22 in Park Lane Intercontinental Hotel in London. The meeting lasted for over four hours and Ijaz was “exhaustively grilled over his claims”, the report said.
The material provided by Ijaz was “subsequently put through a verification process” and once Pasha was convinced about its authenticity, “he briefed the army chief (Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani) who ultimately discussed the matter in his one-on-one meeting with President Zardari on November 15”.
Kayani “impressed upon the President the inevitable necessity” of the presence in the country of Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani to explain his alleged role in the controversy.


  1. dr. sahab ab is mulk mein aqa ale salat-o-wasalam ke ferman-e- mubarik ke mutabiq wo waqat aa geya hai ke log subha ko muslman aur sham ko kafir ho jaein gey in sub jernailoon in sun jujjoon baeuoro craiets tummam siyasut danoo in sub ka aur in hee ke burey amaal ki waja se pakistan per kiyamat tootney wali hai ye sub aulaad -e- dajjal hain aur in ka akhree mission pakistan ko tukrey tukrey kerna hai

    • Nadeem dont blame the politicians or generals etc for being the reason of our tabaahee. It is not their aamaal or deeds that will doom us but it is our own doing and bad deeds that will doom us down as it has been ALLAH's sunnah that those nations who became corrupt were doomed and replaced by a better nation. So instead of pointing fingers at others it is time we do soul searching and do self accountability.I am sure we will find a way iA,

  2. The following question needs an answer:

    Did Husain Haqqani took this initiative on his behest or this was the thinking of the President of Pakistan? It looks that it was the President’s thinking. Ambassador Haqqani stood to gain little from this. There would be a trail leading back to the President.

    Can I also say that this is not against the person of Asif Ali Zardari, it is about the office of the President of Pakistan?

    If there is credible evidence then an appropriate action would be desirable. It could be an apology from the President and a resignation, though I feel that this would be highly unlikely.

  3. If you read a book written by Haqqani, that will explain his mind set towards Pakistan and its army. There is no doubt he with the AZ are involved. I like to see what action is being taken by Chief Justice and then on top by army take over and conduct free and fair election ASAP.

  4. Why exactly was the ISI Chief meeting a US citizen to plot against the sitting Pakistani ambassador to the US? Given that there is no evidence that Zardari or Haqqani wrote the memo, and that Mansoor Ijaz has little credibility, its quite shocking that the DG ISI would give him the time of day. Just goes to show the priorities of our masters. One would think that a war is going on, and they are more preoccupied with making sure that they do not have to follow their constitutional duties. But no, people hate Zardari so much, that even a sliver of information or disinformation against him is good enough. Its amazing now that Pakistanis would believe Mansoor Ijaz, an avid supporter of the Iraq war who repeatadly claimed that Iraq held WMD's.

  5. I think it might be American agenda to destabilize democratic system of Pakistan. The memo was initiated when General Pasha is due for his next extension in March 2011.American are afraid of his presence as Head of Intelligence Chief of Pakistan, therefore they decided to create rift between political set up and Military brass. Mr. Haqqani and Mansoor Ijaz could be used as instruments in this whole episode. Thus, Pakistan government should dig out the truth through investigations.

  6. i dont no but my country is same condition 1971 when butto is prime minster and now is zardari ALLAH save my country but ALLAH cant save my country thats why i m saying come and join pml n this is last hope
    and imran khan is not a hope

  7. jope against hope.. ALLAH make ISI more strong . without ISI there is no pakistan .. come join hands to build pakistan to help ISI. hope is coming in thwe shapoe of IMRAN KHAN.

  8. I hope Pasha had time time to finish his shopping at Harrods.
    Ijaz was "exhaustively grilled over his claims", the report said. LOL! Who got "exhausted" Pasha? Pasha talked to a US citizen in London,UK, not abapara pakistan!

  9. the' menmogate' appears a real show than a trailer as was suspected by pak army chief mr kiyani, as later confrmed by its recepient mr mullen ,though after it leaked.isi chief mr pasha and mr kiyani need to work out the source and mediation involved in processing the document and must present the obtained evdences before the supreme court of pakistan for further trial and justice.i was listenibg mansoor ijaz on american radio couples of days after the 2/5 incident , in which he boldly criticised pak army and catagorically mentioned the isi role in hiding the bin laden at more than one places ! the involvement of other characterts cannot be ruled out including cia itself? it is not some thing unusual on international political scenario but is a very very serious issue, there is lot more to know ………..

  10. This merits very careful consideration. It appears that all roads lead to the office of the President.

    Will Supreme Court of Pakistan determine if or not this was a wilful act carried out against the interest of the state and fix responsibility as well deliver remedy under certain articles of the constitution of Pakistan?

  11. Nothing wrong with scheme of things. If Pasha could find out some facts, this sure will help to solve some of the issues at hand as the things move forward. Extra ordinary issues need extra ordinary steps. Nonetheless fingers are crossed.

  12. What an efficiency of ISI Media team; article published on 10Oct & reported to Chief on 24Oct? this was why ubl action succeeded.

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