Imran terms Zardari most corrupt man


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan has termed President Asif Ali Zardari as the most corrupt person.
Talking to journalists at the Lahore airport on return from Islamabad, the PTI chief said the country was passing through a difficult phase, therefore no one should raise the slogan of new provinces for mere point scoring. “It is a sensitive matter warranting deliberations by all stakeholders,” he said.
On the possibility of fair elections, Imran said if the Election Commission is made independent in the real sense, then free elections are possible. However, he said, Zardari is corrupt to the core and has never done anything fair. Fair elections, therefore, aren’t possible under Zardari, he added.
The PTI chief said the tsunami of change under the PTI would sweep away all the corrupt rulers.


  1. This corrupt greedy man will still win because the people are too stupid to vote for change. Imran you have as much chance of being PM as i do.

    • It is pessimism and the resulting lack of action that ensures that Pakistan stays in the ditch….this is the time for people to rise up and revolt against the corrupt system. If not for themselves then their childrens sake….imran is the best choice we have.

    • Thank God some one included Nawaz Sharif, the "other" dakoo, in the list too. Can`t fathom why people often seem to forget his corruptions

  2. thats what he said about the DICTATOR ……. n boycott the elections….. n after that he allowd his candidates to participate in the re-elections
    IMRAN BAHI…..agar log app k sath a r rahay han to …. dont start lota-cracy …..

  3. Imran khan is saying crystal truth about the Zardari , he and his most of his party members are most corrupt leaders

  4. Ok…
    y doesn't khan then launch a movement against Zardari…
    he kept maligning PMLN for 'helping'zardari survive…
    but he, himself, has allowed zardari 6 months "passing time"…
    IK had previously said that he is launching "hakoomat hatao, mulk bachao" movement…
    but now he says: "we give zardari 6 months to declare assets"
    means…let's say…if he does so…won't zardari remain corrupt??

  5. According to my understanding anyone who wish to come in power he cries against corruption, and whenever he comes becomes the part of it. I have not seen any single forcefull formula from Imran Khan that makes his claim beliveable. He is only crying to attract people. It is not matter of only Zardari, you can see the result of any civlian or millitary ruler in the past, the rate of corruption has been increasing day by day. So I am not hoping any big change from Imran Khan. Is it beliveable what Khan said to an Indian media man Karan Thapar? All only BHARRAK.

  6. Yes Zardari is the most corrupt man on earth. But 1 cannot through him out unless there is a strong opposition. What imran khan is doing is indirectly helping zardari. Already there is MQM ANP and PML-Q with govt. The only party in assembly standing against him is PML-N. And imran khan is not willing to join hands instead took the fight against nawaz sharif hoping he would sweep out punjab. what have all this done is that the opposition is weakened once again and no united power against zardari. Imran should try to be more flexible in his approach or zardari will gonna rule this country for another 5 years after elections.

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