Kutcher attempts to make amends with Moore


Ashton Kutcher decided to make amends for cheating on his love, Demi Moore by reuniting for a campfire counselling during the weekend. Kutcher, 33, chose Yom Kippur, the holiest and most solemn day of the year for Jews, to beg his heartbroken wife Demi Moore for forgiveness at a campfire in Santa Barbara, California. The actor used the Day of Atonement to make amends for his ultimate sin: cheating on Demi with Sara Leal on Sept 24, the morning of their sixth anniversary. The fireside chat is one of the rare times the embattled pair has been seen photographed together in three months and since news broke of Ashton’s wild hot-tub party awash with booze and blondes. The estranged couple had wanted the campfire rendezvous to remain a secret.