Asian Youth Peace Festival kicks off


Asian Youth Peace Conference and Festival, the most awaited event of the year, kicked off on Wednesday. The day started with The Network Game, in which everyone was asked to go up to someone in the audience and introduce themselves and ask their one major goal in life. Glimpses from National Youth Peace Festival 2010 were also shown to the participants.
Channan Development Association Executive Director Shahzad Khan opened the ceremony and spoke about the aims and objectives behind the conference. He summed up the agenda of the conference in four simple words: “we are the solution!” UNFPA Youth Officer Sadia Ata Mahmood said youth was the most desirable segment of the society to bring about a real change in economic, social and academic conditions of the society. She encouraged the participants to enthusiastically play a role to bring about a change in the world.
Punjab Youth Department Additional Secretary Tahir Raza Hamdani talked about his efforts against dengue virus and its effects on the country from the governmental point of view. IA Rehman said, “The way to the future lies within the youth.” He commented on the problems of Pakistan, discussing peace, illiteracy, riches and poverty. He ended his speech by saying, “Success begins by rejection”.
Asian Youth Demography, Challenges and Opportunities was moderated by UNFPA youth officer. Colonel Aizaz for NAB, Saqib Shahid from Islamic International University and Taranjeet Singh from PTV shared their experiences with the youth. The panellists discussed about individual and team efforts to facilitate the youth and make them realise what they could do for their better personality. Ali Moeen Nawazish, the highest scorer in A-levels, said education was the most important tool to achieve success. Junaid from Call music band said the youth had to be in the forefront to better the society. In the closing session, Punjab Minorities Minister Kamran Michael appreciated the organisers for moving forward with such events, which could bring about a positive change in the depressed society.


  1. Dear organizers!!
    I congratulate everyone for the massive success of this Asian Conference, which is actually a very huge milestone and a base for upcoming mega level international events to be organized in Pakistan. I hope that CDA will keep up their positive mission of youth empowerment and mobilization for the youth of the under-previlidged areas of Pakista.
    Best Regards: Munawar Ali Rind, Young Entrepreneur, Islamabad

  2. Great Work done by CDA. This event will raise awareness among masses and will be a point of coordination between stakeholders working for youth empowerment in the country. It will also give clear message to international community that future of Pakistan is in the hands of more sensitized people and PEACE is the slogan of Pakistani Youth.

    Good Luck to the organizers and partners of the conference. Keep it Up!!!

    Best Regards,
    Qamar Iqbal
    HRE Consultant

  3. I am agreed with you @ qamar because we want to show that we are future leader of our beloved Country and We want PEACE

  4. wow it was an amazing effort of all the team members i must say. i thank all the volunteers and team members. every person was important. we spent so many hours and sleepless nights. effort paid

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