APML London office closed over rent


Shutters have come down at the London headquarters of Pervaiz Musharraf’s one-year old APML over the non-payment of monthly rent, utility bills and council tax for five months. The APML owes £19,000 in rent money to the landlord, exclusive of council tax and utility bills, which has not been paid for over five months now.
The source claimed Musharraf gave £50,000 to a senior aide for running the office and other affairs of the party but “a lot of it has been embezzled.” The annual rent of the party’s Old Street headquarter was £38,000 and the total cost, including the taxes and the bills, amounted to £45,000 a year. APML spokesperson was not available for comments.


  1. Shame on Musharaf and his party members. The Govenment should pay on behalf of Musharaf as they paid guard of honor to a dictator.

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