Shahbaz orders swift completion of Multan Road


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Sunday that the Multan Road project should be completed by September 15.
Approving the construction of flyovers on the Canal and Ferozepur Road and an underpass at Kainchi near Chungi Amar Sadho, the chief minister said that these projects should be completed as soon as possible in order to make commuting easier for citizens with the resources of the City District Government.
The chief minister constituted a committee to generate additional resources for these projects. He said that the infrastructure of the city was of vital importance for development so these projects were to be completed swiftly. The chief minister, while presiding over a meeting regarding development projects, said that horticulture was also to be promoted with these projects and that work was in progress for making Ferozepur Road a signal-free corridor, considering the heavy traffic on the road.
He said that the Kalma Chowk Flyover had been completed in a record time period of 135 days and the rest of the projects were to be completed on the same pace and that the flyovers on the canal near Forman Christian College and at Kainchi were vital for regulating traffic on Ferozepur Road. The repair of roads damaged due to the construction of Kalma Chowk Flyover would be completed soon and that more shade trees were to be planted near these projects, he added.


  1. what irritates me is that our honourable CM has decided that rather than bring law and order under control, public funds are better spent building roads, bridges and underpasses. he may be teh chief minister, but he has the mentality of a union councillor who can only issue construction contracts to favourites. please CM sahib, this farce doesnt impress anyone anymore.
    Perhaps you need to focus on sorting out cronies like that faggot Chaudhry Ghafoor and Rana Sanaullah before you can try and charm us with your new hair (brained ideas).
    I wish the punjab government was lying buried 3 feet under all these roads they are building. They are only looking out for their own and don't care about the people of teh province.

  2. could the editors of PT please remove this smiling mugshot of the CM. the joy on his face is a slap in the face of millions who’s lives he is toying with.

  3. could the editors of PT please remove this smiling mugshot of the CM. the joy on his face is a slap in the face of millions who's lives he is toying with.

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