Rup makes his Hollywood debut in ‘Break Away’


Rupinder Magon (Rup), lead singer of International famed band Jos,h is making way to his acting debut in Akshay Kumar-starrer Hollywood flick ‘Speedy Singhs’ releasing on September 19, 2011. Rup Magon, who is a lead singer of Josh with a vocalist Qurrem Hussein, has proved his mettle in singing and producing quality music around the globe.
With his recent music album ‘Beyond Kismat’ rocking the charts already, Rup has found his way to the big screen complementing his persona as a true celebrity across the globe. The movie – which will be released in two versions – is named ‘Break Away’ in Hollywood and ‘Speedy Singhs’ for Bollywood.
The story revolves around a young Indian-Canadian hockey player and the difficulty he encounters trying to balance the two cultures he has grown up with. His father wants him to work for the family business and devote himself to religious pass-times, instead of pursuing a career in hockey (a sport most beloved by Canada).
The movie will be launched in two languages. Rup will feature in a comic role as an ice-hockey player whose character carries a strong dose of entertainment and laughter for the viewers. Rup has done his scenes with perfection in his own ‘desi’ style, thus adding a Punjabi touch in the story. Rup has received a proper training of the sport for three months to gain perfection in his role and to add professionalism in his stunts.
Rup hopes that his perspiration in the ice-hockey field will pay off upon the screening of the movie in cinemas as he is determined that viewers who have accepted his music from all corners of their heart will also feel enthralled with his performance. While speaking about his experience, Rup said, “Music is always been my first love and I am proud of what ‘Q’ and I have been doing together. However, very few people know that acting is a field I always dreamt to test myself in and what could be the ideal opportunity other than to get the role in a Hollywood flick.”
Rup stars alongside Akshay Kumar, Rob Lowe, Virmani’s son Vinay and Russel Peters. Akshay is the executive producer of the film which also has cameos of the hip hop superstars Drake and Ludacris.