Nawaz doesn’t see India as an enemy


As the nation marks Pakistan’s 64th Independence Day today (Sunday), PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif said on Saturday it was a great misconception that India had aggressive designs against Pakistan, adding that he found Indian leaders more eager to have peaceful relations with its nuclear neighbour.
Addressing a seminar, “Building Bridges in the Subcontinent”, arranged by SAFMA, Nawaz said India should be given a pat on the back for forming a commission to probe the Indo-Pak Kargil was, but in Pakistan everyone seems to be a hurdle in the formation of a commission to investigate the adventure. Nawaz’s address came shortly after an ISPR spokesperson said Pakistan still had a major threat from India.
Referring to the Lahore Declaration of 1999, he said “courageous Indian PM Vajpai” had proposed naming that year as the year of Kashmir dispute’s solution. Nawaz said he had wished to extend the motorway to Kabul and Tashkent on one side and Calcutta and Delhi on the other, but “I was shifted to Jeddah”. “We should compete in the economic, not arms’ race,” he said.


  1. Nawaz Sharif is right to say that “We should compete in the economic, not arms’ race,”
    Pakistan has fought three wars. Pakistan should concentrate on the economic development and can benefit from Indian experience. India is fast growing economy.

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  3. The 'wealthiest 'guggooghora'has disappointed people of Pakistan for his selfish,bogus policies and statements which only helped corrupt government of PPP,MQM,ANP,ML-Q.Better he patches up with Imran Khan to out PPP-Z,MQM.MLQ to save country and poor than let the present coalition of evil axis and MQM ruin Pakistan.

  4. I only agree on one point and that is India. Yes, India was only threat many moons ago but now we have original threat from within. We have to move forward through economic achievements and good relationships with all our neighbors. We must stop importing and exporting ours and others ideologies in and out of our country. "Dunya Mein Aur Bhi Gum Hain Mohabbat kay Siwa".

  5. I endorse Nawaz's opinion to the extent of his remarks on our relationship with India. Hope he sticks to them if there is a move in that direction.

  6. i salute nawaz sharif for his views.military used anti india sloagan to rule pak.v cant progress unless v develop good rlations with india.

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