Kill all politicians, Edhi demands of Kayani


Eminent social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi has demanded Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani to take over the government and bring a Burma-like revolution by killing all political personalities in the country so the new generation could step into politics. Addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Saturday on the issue of terrorism in Karachi, Edhi suggested Kayani take over only for three months because every general who comes into power does not fee like leaving. Edhi said that democracy is in the nature of human beings.
He said, “Political parties are in the opposition or in power, both of which are sides of the same coin. They have been involved in killing thousands of citizens.” He also said that according to the government, 1.7 million capitalists are tax thieves.
“All tax thieves and zakat thieves live freely in the country. All killers are free, 95 percent of Pakistanis are living in miserable conditions,” he added.
He further said that he has no ambition to come into politics or power, but he would continue to serve the people of Pakistan.


  1. What a demand from Edhi.
    Brilliant. Kill all the political personalities.
    I don't think this is doable.However assuming Gen Kiyani decides to do that. to accept then one positive thing to be achieved would be that Pir Jalali Altaf Hussain would also be no more in this world. That would guarantee peace and stop extortion, torture and blackmailing.

  2. I am little perplexed that an person like edhi could only find burma out of whole world ideal for pakistan to imitate.

  3. My guess is that the article above is rubbish. The other newspapers report as follows: “Someone should bring Army revolution and clean up the situation because people revolution will bring bloodshed,” said Abdul Sattar Edhi.

    • bloody hell is that what it said? How the hell is the army going to bring peace while the people bring bloodshed…he didn't see what the marshall's did to that man?

  4. It must bee done now there is no other soultion Pakistan is gona finish day by day so save it Army its better for 3 months and kill all those peoples who are involved in murders and corruption and tax theftsss….
    After 3 months must be held Elections on fair basis and PTI will lead to save Pakisatan and his reputation.

    • Malik Haroon is not responding to the basic question whether all the politicians should be killed or not. That is what Sattar Edhi is arguing. Who is going to do that? Army ? Yes but what then? Probably anarchy. BTW, it is this same Army whose ISI created MQM and now Pakistanis are sufferings from its violent politics.
      Abdul Sattar edhi is basically a philanthropist and his seniltiy has rendered him bit incoherent. I really feel Abdul Sattar Edhi may have ruined the possibility of getting a nobel prize by issuing such a childish statement.

    • PTI will lead. Wht is there in PTI to lead. Imran who sided with Maulana Juglur Rehman to Kick out Musharraf. Is Imran a person of caliber and character??. He married a Jewish girl and left his sons to be raised by a Jewish family, he is not a responsible dad . How can he be a responsible leader.

  5. Pakistan is dead…. Two nation theory has failed….. The biggest mistake for the people is to migrate in Pakistan hoping that they will be better served… Muslims lived in india is much better than those who migrated here… had the parents of current generation of urdu speaking people not migrated in 1947 their situation would have been much better in India…………………. I SALUTE BANGLADESHI PEOPLE WHO FIGHT AND GET THEIR RIGHT — THEY ARE NOW MUCH BETTER THEN PAKISTAN

    • Mr. Mark this ur frustration not us bcz u hav forget the history behind it so first correct ur self then blam us muslims in india has faced so many times terrible sitations like gujrat incident and babri masjid so many incidents nd Bangladesh has not fight to become single state it has its own history how many powers involved in this darama…so i would suggest u to please shutup.

    • Shut up Mark i know the situation how muslims are suffering there first stop the Freedom moment in all over Endia then talk abt PAKISTAN Endia ll be vanished if they follow the steps of USA. Rising Endia is a bulshit only we know the ground realities there wht Endias media and western media is not showing

    • Mr mark two nation theory still alive and u see the strugule of kashmires from last 64 years if muslims are happy in india why kashmires want sepration from india?yes i agree the circumcitances in pakistan is not good but pakistani people are eligible to change those circumcitances…………INSHA ALLAH we do this……

    • The map that was created in 1947 was superficial and Mount Lord Batton had another map on which the West started working since 1947, that map is being enforced in the region to create the monopoly of West and Block Russia and China's influence. The new map is now with US and they will enforce it by any means to protect Israel from Iran. Pakistan is just a tool for their use.

  6. This is shows that the frastration of a normal pakistani because these currupt politicieans distroyed this beautifil country in last few year

  7. Lol.. The Burma like revolution is not only Edhi Sb’s wish! All of us wish the same!

  8. ha observer from the uk.people like edhi don,t do work for the noble price..,.and the true statement is to clean the pakistan of corroupt politicians.its very true,

  9. I totally agree with Edhi Sahab! Military courts must be set up and ALL responsible for crime and treason MUST be punished according to Islamic laws! ONLY then can we eradicate this menace of politics from our country!!!

  10. i don't see any truth in this reporting. Eveen the report itself does not support the headline. Such an irresponsible reporting. Such an irresponsible editor/reporter…

    Cut his balls, hang them by his ears and parade him around the town.

  11. My Dear And Respectfull Friend I read your Cominent Every Body Has His Own Idea
    About Politician and Army.
    I just Want to say one thing That ALLAHA say we impose ruler on you as according to your AMALA.
    So we as nation should correct our own DEEDS please dont mind what i am trying to say we all involve in corruption we so much become habbitual that we dont no what is right and what is wrong we all are greedy for POWER and MONEY at what ever we have position in the society we really miss useing We are Slave of our DESIRE plz plz understand by killing any body no solution plz plz we all should corretc our DEEDS and Get Rid from currupt peopel with democratic process like Egypt Like Tunise One Single Person Burn Hime Self In Tunise why becuase his diginty heart nad PEOPLEL responed and remove the ruler this kind Attiude require in the nation GREAT nation Never LOOK HELP thye do there self
    We Cannot Suceed until peopel not come on ther road and Chaise the Curropt Peopel
    LET PRAY ALLAHA give Courage to us As nation we will Chase the currupt peopel and through than in the Sea no army and other source can do this only PEOPEL can do there self please first correct our DEEDS .

  12. پیارے پاکستانیوں آپ سے ہاتھ جوڑ کر درخواست ہے کہ ، لاکھوں کروڑوں کے محسن اور قوم کے ہمدرد بزرگ کی باتوں کو منفی میں نہ لیجے گا، اس کی باتوں کا مقصد اصل میں صرف سیاسی دھشت گردی سے ہونے والے نقصانات کی نشاندہی ہے، بھولے انسان جو کہ زندگیاں بچاتے اور پرورش کرتے ہیں، کیسے دل سے کسی کو مارنے کی بات کہ سکتے ہیں؟

    تم زمین والوں پہ رحم کرو، آسمانوں والا تم پر رحم کرے گا

  13. Any one who knows Edhi even 5% would know this is not something he can NOT say. He has picked up dead bodies for 55 years on our behalf, last thing he would even wish is death of his enemy.

    Read his great book (published mid 90s, 300 pages) if you want to know what a great social worker and human being he is.

    • i am totaly agree with you this guy is tired to continue picking up innocents dead bodies and he is seeing this political drama since long time without saying any word now he blast and right on his word.

  14. You do not need to kill all.Just kill one the rest will die in pain and fear themselves.Edhi is honest which is not a familiar word anymore with most of us.

  15. Mark! You need to work on your History subject i think you might have failed in that subject hahahaha or may be you are taught the way you are talking …

  16. i agree, all those politicians who have looted even 1 rupee of this country's assets should be given a 1-week deadline to return the money. If not, then BANG BANG! the army should hire assassins to murder that swine!

  17. The same iam thinking since 20 yrs,,,,yes he is right ,,also Army should not takeover for more than a year,,,,,,till they are alive Pakistan is facing more problems is its increasing daily.>! GOD Save Pakistan – WAKEUP YOUTH – WAKEUP PAKISTAN..!!!

  18. Iim shocked at the statement of Mr. Edhi have we not had eenough bloodshed in our history that this also takes place. Well even thou with all the deeds they have commited i still say they should be tried in court and then be punished rather than being killed like this, for which our courts would need to be more spontanious with the trials. secondly what do you thing is our army? all the time they are fighting wars protecting the boarder etc(i know many would disagree with me but still i say this is not their duty) and now you want them to kill all these leaders! Then what is the judiciary sitting for?
    As far as the comment of Mark is concerned i will only say one thing you can say what you like but the prob with you people is you still have not gotten over the fact that mmuslims got independence…..

  19. 99% our politicians are looter, cheater and monster. They are only the bone of convention. They should be punished by army or anyone… Definitely i am agree with ABDUL SATTAR EDHI

  20. Well !!!!!! i do not agree with this article… and even with Mr. Edhi if he said so…

    What army has been doing with this country in the past 60 odd years?

    Who started operation Jibralter?(I wonder if anyone heard of it in Pakistan?) and who started a war against india? I guess it was an army general who was in power at that time..

    Who killed thousands (some say millions) of people in east Pakistan? What were the reasons that Bengalis demanded the separation? who defeated Fatima Jinnah by rigging in the refrendum? Answer : Great general Ayub Khan and his successor Gen. Yahya…

    Who started this so called Jihad and what is its outburst? who is paying the price of this so called jihad and see its cost? Answer: Gen. Zia ul haq… and pakistan has paid a very heavy price in shape of violence, migrants afghans, and so on..

    who created MQM? what were its purposes? Answer: General Zia and the purpose was to create another force in sindh… i guess everyone can feel the force of this force now..

    Who attacked Kargill and who was responsible for a limited war with india? I guess it was a General too…

    Who is killing thousands of People in Balochistan? where are those thousands of missing people? Answer: Gen, Musharaf and his successors… and the missing people are either with agencies or being killed extra judicially…

    Who took a Uturn against their own friends and mercenaries (the taliban and Jihadis) ?? i guess it was a general too…

    and last but not the least, who has made this country a real estate.. where army has so much financial interests in the shape of housing societies, banks, corporation and so on? i guess army is getting peanuts for their services?

    So please… think sensibly…

    Thank you all for reading this and thinking on these issues… You can read some unbiased, independent history books for reference ..( even of Pakistani authors)

  21. The 'killing all politicians' part is made up. Edhi said no such thing. He demanded the Army Chief to take control and then give it back, that is all.

    And no imitation of Burma was suggested by Edhi, only by this 'news' website!

  22. Never trust philanthropists they are psychopaths – they exploit human misery for personal gain. They are parasites who thrive on pain. Donations made to their set up goes in their bank account.

  23. Love you EDHI SAHIB. Also include all corrupt bureaucrats & culprits from establishment

  24. I totally agree with Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi all the corruption, irregularities, downfall of economy down fall of our country is all bec of these politicians thousands of Pakistanis are killed bec of their policies if a few politicians will be killed it will make a very positive difference in Pak from last many years we r just thinking 2 removal of poloticians iots time for an action.

  25. Kyon bhai. kiya ambulances ka dhunda sahee nahee chul raha? Isn't Mr. Edhi in the field of saving lives, or is just an eye wash? I do not support the corrupt politicians but killing … well go to think twice on it

  26. Mr. Kiyani our hopes,

    I support Edhi and that is the only solution. Call all old leader and blast them as suicide bomber. Please do like Khomaini did.

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