‘PPP, MQM and ANP responsible for Karachi unrest’


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has blamed Pakistan People’s Party, MQM, and Awami National Party (ANP) for the target killings in Karachi and has asked rulers to quit the government immediately.
Describing the grand alliance as a ‘grand fraud’, he said mid-term polls is the only solution to the country’s woes. He accused PML-N for rigging the Lahore by-elections, adding that PML N had a history to deceive.
Commenting on the violence in Karachi, he said the government had patronized the crooks and peace was impossible in the city until police was made powerful.
He also announced a procession at Faisalabad on July 24 to register protest against the current government’s policies. He further said the PML N is waiting for its turn and is thereby supporting the government for the last three years. PTI, he claimed, is the only party with honest members. He said the public will reject the current rulers in the coming elections. He believed the era of left and right wing politics was over.
Criticising the Punjab Government, he said Zulfiqar Cheema was an upright DIG, but was replaced as he had refused to rig the elections. Senior party leaders including PTI president Mian Mahmood-ur-Rasheed and vice president Malik Zaheer Abbas were also present in Imran’s press conference.


  1. the captain needs to think back to 12th of May, and his obsession with “qatiloon ko bay niqab karo” with petitions in London against Altaf Hussain. Its a pity that with a vast majority of dead being Pakhtun, Mr. Khan has the audacity to look the other way and act all high and mighty. Wake up call for all those Pakhtuns who are falling for his drone drama.

  2. Imran khan shall be the president…and jemima khan shall be the first wife…!

  3. MR IMRAN KHAN please remember May-June 2007 when you came to London and addressed to a large gathering telling us about the carnage perpetrated by Altaf Hussain. Your legal experts prepared a dossier on Altaf Hussain which was handed over to the Scotland Yard. Because of political expediency on the part of the British goverment and US government's pressure the dossier was placed in the cupboard.

    You thought that Altaf was a great leader and has massive following and would help you in your protests against drones and suddenly he became your buddy. This caused utmost disgust in your well wishers. Do you really think Altaf Hussain will be your friend. It is your grave mistake. He is friend of no one and as you have been repeatedly saying he is a fascist and has destroyed peace of Karachi.

    My advice to you would be to come to London and ask the Scotland Yard to dust the dossiier about the misdeeds of Altaf Hussain and then see how fast your popularity rises.

  4. Today people of Karachi are harvesting the crop which MQM had sowed for them in 1985. It was MQM which had constituted HIT SQUADS and established the torture cells to subdue their opponents. Whenever any cleanup operation was under taken by the Government, it had to stopped half way due to the hue and cry raised by MQM. MQM piled up weapons under the cover of Liyari Aman Committee and soon after flight from coalition government I had opened a battlefield in Karachi to vilify PPP. The flawed policies of MQM to control city on the barrel of the gun also provided a great opportunity to Al-Qaeda operatives to hole in. In order to increase its power and grip on Karachi MQM not only supported terrorist elements but also provided them opportunities to set up their headquarters. On the other hand the role of the media is far from satisfactory and they literally play the role of mouthpiece of MQM .Instead of exposing the culprits these media refrain from calling spade a spade in the name of 'impartiality' because these media anchors do know that the culprits belong to this ethnic and fascist organization MQM.

  5. I think for us to rid Pakistan of MQM & ANP, first of all our brothers & sisters from Karachi & SIndh will have to stand up and say no to these scums & mafia.

    Once they show their willingness to not take this abuse anymore, the whole of Pakistan will stand with them. How can people of Punjab (who have to contend with the pathetic Nawaz league), Balochistan & PK stand if the people who are daily abused dont show any action on their part.

    Altaf will pay along with Zardari, Gilani & Rehman Malik.

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