No cut in Rangers’ budget, powers: Malik


Rangers’ powers and budget will not be reduced in Karachi and while law and order situation has been controlled in the city, said Interior Minister Rehman Malik. Talking to media men, Rehman Malid said, “Rangers and police are our pride and we should respect them.” Rangers played an important role in maintaining the law and order situation in the city,” he said and added their services for the city could not be ignored.”
Rangers will work in the city with full authority as their powers were not being reduced, no body should criticise the forces as they took strong measures to control the target killings in Karachi, he said. He said the rangers involved in the extrajudicial killing of a youngster should not be produced in court with covered face and handcuffs, he said and added this act created negative impression of the forces.
“I have issued orders that the rangers would not be produced in the court with covered face and handcuffs,” he said. He said the incident of extrajudicial incident was an act of a single person so the institution should not be declared wrong for this.


  1. As a prominent personality once remarked: Give me RANGERS and I'll wipe out Pakistan's Debt in one year. Devolution Now

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