Shahzad’s book taken off shelves


Less than a fortnight after journalist Saleem Shahzad was abducted and found murdered under mysterious circumstances, his book Inside Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, Beyond Bin Laden and 9/11 was pulled off the shelves in bookshops across in Karachi within hours of its launch.

The official distributors of Shahzad’s book in Pakistan sent out an email to their distributors on Friday, announcing the release of the book in the country. Salespeople from some of the outlets in Karachi said the copies of the book had arrived at shops at around 5 pm.But by 7:30pm, not only had the copies of the book been pulled off the shelves, but the posters promoting the launch were also tore down from shop windows.

The staff initially claimed the copies had been “sent back” for being “damaged”.
But sources later said that they had received phone calls “from the above” ordering the books be taken off the shelves.


  1. if we are still living in stone ages???even a school going kid can imagine what can be the narrative of the book. the armed forces should face the truth rather than behaving like pigeons. every oppressor has his day of judgement in this mortal world; for the armed forces that day has come in bits and pieces. they should accept that and rebuild themselves in Iranian way; else Americans are more than willing to go the Iraqi way ( in 1979 the popular revolution overthrew the shha and his modern army. theamry went through big breakfasts, purges etc but in the end got a parity with IRGC. it still exists to fight any invader. The irqai army completed baathiized was destroyed by the americans thoroughly and as of now stands no where.) for Pakistani armed forces it is time to re orient themselves. it is also impertive for the public to redefine their mandate on the system!!!

  2. Pak Fauj aur Kom kay Conqueres….

    Kindly, let there be a semblance that you give some shit about the land of the pure. The only place our fauj can rule is its own people. Keep killing people to hide its skeletons is bound to fail. Look at the our so called dictator Musharaf, a classic SOB production of our great army that has lost every conflict with India, is learning how to play Tabla.

    Please have mercy on us as you have accumulated enough plots and mills in Pakistan. Try leaving this nation for about 15 years, i realize that your ass start itching after 9 to 10 years, but this time try some ointment and your dumb children who can not get into the army and can not go to West might have a better future along with the millions of others.


  3. Taking the book off the shelves in Pakistan does not mean it will not read abroad. Why is there is isolationist mentality. Pakistan is not an island cut off from the world. The book will be smuggled in and people will read it. This anti-book, anti-publication insanity is a fascist one. The armed forces should realise by hiding the book will not hide the truth and not absolve them of any wrong doing.

  4. Worried,idiot first find out who ordered this and then bark out.Apparently some Fauji from Peshawar has really hurt you behind somewhere. Dont let it out on others.MQM and ANP are better perhaps since you have no complaint against them.Good Luck.Get over your worries.

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