‘Photography is my second life’


is my second life. I inherited the love of photographing from my father, and honed my skills as my passion for travel and exploration took me to new places,” user experience designer Muhammad Omair told Pakistan Today. Omair photographs for pleasure and relaxing his mind. He is a young, friendly, passionate photographer who has many achievements to his credit. Describing his ideal headshot subject, he said that he prefers the elderly. “Looking at them as subjects, I find that shadow on their faces looks mesmerising; whereas observing them as humans, capturing the hardships of their lives imprinted on their faces and the expressions in their eyes is an extraordinary experience,” he explained.
Omair has always loved photography and capturing the world the way he sees it. “I started photographing in 2004 with a point-and-shoot camera and learnt the basic techniques. I bought my first digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera in 2008 and studied photography further,” he said. Alongside his design work, he started freelance photography and worked on many projects for promoting Pakistan’s beauty and tourism, as well as on documentary shoots. He also participated in a large number of national and international exhibitions. “I am constantly inspired by good work and I keep trying out different genres of photography, but I always want to capture photographs that are self-explanatory and technically and aesthetically perfect,” Omair said.
He is not only a photographer, but a graphic designer as well. “Both fields are very interesting. I started photography as a hobby, but it appeals more to me now because I do it for my own satisfaction,” he said, adding that he also takes interest in videography by DSLRs. Offering advice for aspiring photographers, Omair said that photography has become very easy these days thanks to digital equipment. “However, the trick is to capture an image using the right equipment with the right technique at the right time, which is the difference between a true photographer and all the rest,” he said. “Always come up with your own signature style and storyboard. Take inspiration from the work others have done before you and try to improve your own work, but do not copy,” he added.


  1. i know early U r so genius and we all r proud to ur achievements our all pryers and best wishes always with u. V hope U inspire ur work all over the world. keep it up!!

  2. humhare mulkan logo ke pass khane ko nahin hian..lite nahin..halat itne kherab hian aur hum log photography jaise fuzool profession ko support kar rahe hiain…koi zara s bande ki eduation to pouche..
    2004 se time zaya ker raha hain aj kuch perh leta to to kum se kum mulk ke kaam ata..

    • I am promoting my Country and Photography is my Passion, and i think you need to learn my profile properly you have misunderstandings. I have allot of achievements other than photography. So next time use google before commenting. Thanks

    • degree lene se kuch nhn milta .. experience and passion is more important jo k omair k pass he ….

  3. bohat afsos ki baat hai k aap jese chhoti zehniat k log han hamare mulk mein, bajaye is ke k aap se sochein k photogrphy ker ke logon ko aware kar rahe hein k hamara mulk sirf bohrano se nahi surrounded aur bhi cheezien han hamare mulk mein, aap nuqs nikal rahe hein.
    aap hi jese jahilon ki wajah se hamara mulk is waqt taraqee nahi ker raha.

    us se bara afsos yeh hai, ke agar aap bajaye is k, ke beth ker nuqs nikalein, isi time mein khud agar dunya ko hamara mulk dikhane k lie kuchh ker lete to shayad ziada mulk ko kaam ata.

    • I totally agree with you "maut" and i can also bet on this ke this girl jo itna uchalrahe hain is also one of those jahils u r talking about….kisi galat chez ko ache kapre pehna dene se woh chez sahi nahin ho jate….this is where we are lacking we should focus on long term benefits for our country..not for our self…we shuld foucus on the education of new generation rather than taking pic on the ramps…any ways evey person has the right to speak..sorry if i hurt anybody..

  4. mr raheel , yeh jo larki itna uchhal rahi hai actually is going through the generation change and seeing what our youngsters are thinking about our country right now. education to un jahilon ko bhi diya jata hai jo masjids mein jaa ker bomb blast kerte hein!! dont tell us what you THINK show us what you can DO!! I can speak about where this photographer is coming from because we both share the same passion of photography and both work together! And as far as ramp goes, why dont you step out of the fashion section of our portfolio and look at other stuff done for promotion of Pakistan!

  5. Miss Anahita bht ho gaye photography…ab phir se sailab ah gaya hian…dekhte hian ke ap kia karte ho is baar..last time to ap logo ne donation ke paison se bht ayashi mare the ..chalo dekhte hian is baar ap kia kerte hoo…aur raha omair to u know where he comes from …..but dont forget i also know where u come from….

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