Toy gun-toting kids express solidarity with Palestinians


Dozens of Pakistani children on Thursday staged a demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club (KPC) against Zionist atrocities against the children and people of Palestine in a protest organised by the Palestine Foundation (PLF).
The school children carrying the placards inscribed with the slogans “Down with Israel” “Down with USA” “Children of Palestine—we are with you” and “Israel get out from Palestine.” They also torched flags of the United States of America and Israel as a gesture of solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine and to condemn the 63 years of illegitimate occupation by the Zionists.
The children urged the comity of nations to take immediate notice of besieged Gaza, saying that children and people of Gaza are suffering since the past four years. They pointed to the shortage of medicines, milk, foods and other items of daily usage that is now reaching an alarming situation in Gaza.