Soldiers of sectarianism open new chapters at KU


Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan and Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan – two organisations banned by the Pakistani government in 2001 on charges of fomenting sectarianism and killing in the name of religion – are back in business: both groups have been organising in the University of Karachi (KU) with impunity, allegedly with the patronage of teachers. Wall chalking and graffiti on many walls of the KU bears testament to the presence of both Sipah-e-Muhammad and Sipah-e-Sahaba.
What’s more, however, is the distribution of leaflets with hate-inciting material and altercations between the two groups over mosque and prayer spaces.
The Pakistan government had banned these organisations after activists of one group targeted mosques and workers of the other, and vice versa. According to the police, sectarian killings in Karachi had claimed more than 5,000 lives in the past 20 years. “These groups have an old rivalry, and even bombed each others’ mosques.
Killings were a routine matter. When the government banned the two, distribution of their hate-inciting literature was also outlawed,” a senior police official, talking on condition of anonymity, told Pakistan Today. But this history of violence has not deterred teachers at the KU – partly because they belong to rival sects. “A senior female teacher, serving at an important post of the KU administration, is actively participating in the activities of Sipah-e-Muhammad. The Sipah-e-Sahaba enjoys the patronage of two teachers, one from the Chemistry Department and the other from the English Department,” a KU staff member, also talking to Pakistan Today on condition of anonymity, said.
“These teachers are openly supporting these banned organisations in their activities inside the campus.” Sources claimed that the Sipah-e-Muhammad activists are not KU students, but outsiders who come to the university with the sole purpose of conducting their study circles. More than 100 Sipah-e-Muhammad activists sit outside on the benches outside one of the cafeterias, while 10 to 15 armed associates take positions on the cafeteria’s rooftop to provide security to those sitting downstairs.
Some Sipah-e-Muhammad members who come to KU have been arrested in different cases: in 2010, the leader of the study circles was arrested by the Karachi police and weapons were recovered from his vehicle. During his lectures at KU, he is openly declaring himself as someone who shot and killed for his organisation, sources said. The female teacher who bestows Sipah-e-Muhammad activists with her patronage has also offered permanent space to the organisation – an open area outside the Mass Communications Department, sources alleged.
On the other hand, the Sipah-e-Sahaba have been granted unrestricted access by one of their patrons to use his house – a place situated inside the staff colony and allotted by the KU management. “Till now, Sipah-e-Sahaba activists don’t have a permanent place for their gatherings as other student organisations have already staked claim over most areas,” sources said. “The Sipah-e-Sahaba, under the command of a student from the Chemistry Department, had begun to convene near the Food and Sciences Department, but then shifted to the Mathematics Department. They now meet in the lawn of the main KU mosque,” sources explained.
KU students, however, described that the main KU mosque has been the venue of heated altercations between the two groups. “Sipah-e-Muhammad activists now offer prayers separately at this mosque, something that had never happened before in KU history. But Sipah-e-Sahaba activists also pray in congregation at the same mosque. We have seen them squabble many times,” students, requesting anonymity, told Pakistan Today. “Many people fear these altercations may turn violent and that there will be much bloodshed because of that. The KU administration needs to stop this practice of separate prayers, as there was no sectarian division in the past.
Students offered their prayers together, in the same mosque, and irrespective of sects,” the students said. “There is no separate mosque for any sect in any educational institution in Pakistan. But now some KU teachers are playing their role in constructing different mosques for different sects,” they alleged.
Despite the two banned outfits running their operations on campus, not a single one of the more than 500 personnel of Pakistan Rangers or the over 100 intelligence personnel have acted to clamp down on their activities.


  1. What is going on in our Karachi University ! The peaceful atmosphere in KU has been shattered and tension has taken place there. Where are our security personnnel and why don't start crack down.

  2. This is not the fierst time. It has a number of previous experiences. Our Intelligence agensies are always working on the agenda of dividing the powers of student as they have done in Karachi. To break the strength of JAMAAT-E-ISLAMI in Karachi they brought forward MQM in the name of MUHAJIR. Now they have tried best to change or hideout the real face by calling themselves MUTTAHIDA. But the story remains same. Now they are bent down to break the strength of ISLAMI JAMIAT TALABA in KU

  3. This is under supervision of MQM AND PPP students wing with help of teachers.
    This is shame for KUTS.

  4. The xterimist and terrorist organizations supha e Muhammad and ISO should be banned in KU by adminstration. these organization were spoiling the peaceful environment of KU. Recently they attacked on the ISLAMI JAMIAT TALBA stand in arts lobby. 8 workers of IJT had get serious injuries in this attack. Adminstration should maintain the peace in KU.

  5. Dear Tariq I think it is not a bad thing and if we take a look of our past people belong to different sects tolerate each other and they perform prayer in their Mosques and they discuss their beliefs and non of them declared each other infidel

    • Mr. Akhtar Balouch, this isn't about tolerating different sects or even religions for that matter. I believe, you didn't bother yourself in reading the complete news story or you're not aware of the history of both SSP and SMP.

      University administration has appointed an 'Imaam' in the mosque to lead prayers 5 times a day but some religious fanatics of a certain sect have been organizing their separate prayer with their appointed 'Imaam" at the same time and within the same hall. This might lead to sectarian clashes inside KU and university administration and KUTS both will be responsible if any such thing happens.

  6. this is begining administration of karachi university support sipah mohammad and this is not good for students of karavchi university.

  7. SMP shooters created difficulties for the female students as they compelled them to participate in their so called programes. One of our fellow have left university bcoz these guys tried to abduct him.
    Mr. Akhtar if these guys threat ur daughter what will b ur reaction.
    no one is save in KU.

  8. Dr. Shahana Urooj Kazmi is supporting SMP and offering land in KU. She is PVC and participating in secterian voilence which might led to heavy bloodshed in KU.
    Kosar a member of PSF, and shooter of SMP arrested in 2010 with heavy ammunition.
    A high up of Ranger in KU is also suporting SMP creating secterian division.

  9. Facts about KU. Students are unsafe. Law enforcement agecies are busy in suporting sectarians.

  10. ye aik soche samjhi shazish ka tehat kam kiya ja raha ha
    is jamai karachi ko bhe siya sunni ki bhent charhaya ja raha ha kaha ha intizamia agar ha to khamosh q talba ka ye sawal………kah ha kuts…….shame 4 us

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